Abegail Cahigan

Abegail is a nocturnal writer who loves watching videos of dogs and cats as her stress reliever. While she loves telling people different kinds of stories, she was never a bookworm to the core. Abegail would rather watch a thousand videos of funny dogs and cats instead of finishing a book with only 300 pages that was in her care for years. Fueled by iced coffee and meals, Abegail is also a part-time k-pop stan and a full-time fur mom.

Abegail Tan

Abegail is a writer whose stories embody "I tried it out so you won't have to." When she isn't busy telling people the next must-visit, she spends her day thrifting and scoring the lowest yet quality deals online. Nothing makes her happier than receiving a much-awaited parcel at her doorstep.

Aero Damaso

Aero is an enthusiast of literature, film, and goth culture. Her understanding of life is basically based on an amalgamation of pop culture, music, and other self-defined essentials. With her passion for finding new things that are exciting and interesting to her, you could say Aero is always looking for ways to broaden her knowledge base and immersive experiences in the field of modern artistry.

Aira Aguanta

Aira is a content writer who believes in "everything happens for a reason," so she writes with a reason - to learn and educate. During her free time, she is either reading or watching Netflix. But what she enjoys most is her personal time vibing to her playlist with a coffee in her hand, looking at the view from her room.

Alexandra Olano

Gabriela Alexandra, or better known as Alex, graduated from Bicol University with a degree in journalism. She is now navigating the world of adulthood and taking much bigger leaps in life.

Alyssa Ross Jorta

Alyssa Ross Jorta is a rare and unknown celestial being that believes in the beauty of everything. She sees beauty and happiness in the most trivial things, whether from the sweet aroma of coffee or from a warm embrace of her blanket– and as much as possible, she wants to capture those moments to remember them timelessly.

Andrea Averion

A dedicated mother of 4 cats, her interests are Japanese and western pop culture, and she knows what's up on the internet ranging from funny to weird. She also casually drops Tiktok references in real-life conversations.

Angela Baltan

Angela Grace P. Baltan has been writing professionally since 2017. She doesn’t hesitate to be opinionated in analyzing movies and television series. Aside from that, she has an affinity for writing anything under the sun. As a writer, she uses her articles to advocate for feminism, gender equality, the LGBTQIA+ community, and mental health among others.

Angela Clare Agpawa

Angela writes as a form of expression and comfort. Creative nonfiction is a favorite as she loves putting inexpressible human feelings and experiences into words. Although dreaming to be a novelist, she is on a journey of exploring other writing careers. Leisure for Angela means a good few minutes of pondering and staring at the ceiling with earphones in.

Angela Nicole Guiral

An avid reader and writer. What she reads, she feels; what she feels, she writes. Away from the eyes of the crowd, she engrosses herself in music, film, and design.

Angelika Mañibo

Angelika is an aspiring producer and writer with a love for film and media production. She enjoys writing on a diverse range of topics, including lifestyle, health, and movie-related content. She likes to cook for her family and spend her free time with friends.

Angelo Francisco

Angelo has always been interested in photography and writing. He has been participating in various photography-related events since high school. Street photography is his most favorite type as he believes that this is where life is the most candid - where inequality, denigration, love, and hope coexist everyday. One day, he aspires to be an environmental photojournalist that does his part for a better world.

Anne Carla Mendoza

Carla is a struggling but trying writer. A student Journalist who is in the process of learning how to love herself. Madly enticed to different art forms especially literary, music, and visual arts. A very energetic and hyper EmoxKpop fangirl trying to pursue her passion and live life along with the words of her idols and her personal principles in life.

Aphro Apollo

Aphro Apollo (Roel Pulido Pagal) is a contemporary author and a senior student of BA Communication at the University of Northern Philippines. This young literary figure is pursuing his career in writing while attending his regular class. One of his goals in life is to become a Fashion journalist in Condé Nast, New York someday. His mantra, “Never underestimate the power of silence” really make things fall into place for him.

Apple Claire Benito

As an all-rounder, Apple’s heart still belongs to her first love, writing. She aims to give voices to the lives that people live and the stories they share through her words. When she’s not writing, you can find her exploring places in and out the metro, discovering the world of coffee, engaging in social causes, and basking in what life has to offer. The world and its people serve as her main inspirations.

Arthur Tolentino

Arthur Tolentino is a creative who has diverse interests from creative writing to hairstyling and pageant coaching. Being passionate that he is, he loves pop culture and loves to talk about anything and everything under the sun.

Arvie Amistoso Salosa

Arvie is a free-spirited woman who consistently embodies a person's character of wanting to explore things and life in general. She loves to establish a deeper connection with herself and others through her fondness for writing and music. No matter the circumstances, Arvie hopes to be remembered as a positive experience, with nothing but love for all the people she crosses paths with.

Aubrey Ivanna Dela Cruz

Ivanna, a gawky and indecisive person, uses words to escape the world's BS. When she isn't writing, she can be found reading, snacking on bakery-bought crinkles, binge-watching Netflix with her beau, or simply dozing off somewhere.

Aubrey Rose Inosante

Aubrey is a budding writer that covers facets of the entertainment industry— but television is what she's most passionate about. She grew up watching reruns of old sitcoms like Malcolm in the Middle, Girlfriends, and Everybody Hates Chris. Aubrey also enjoys video essays in Youtube in her downtime.

Beatrize Sofia Vicedo

Bea is a highly motivated working student by day and a certified K-pop fan by night. Telling stories creatively is her goal and public service is what she loves. She loves pizza more than anything and is obsessed with 80s movies. She believes in a quote from Forrest Gump “Life is like a box of chocolates, you never what you’re gonna get”.

Bhritz Kylla Navala

Khai is a passionate writer who aspires to inspire others through crafting compelling stories and thought-provoking content. As a communication research student, she believes that research is the cornerstone upon which innovations are built, she writes articles with the intention of making research findings more accessible to a wider audience.

BNB Team

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Brendon Andre Baldecañas

Brendon Andre is a journalism student from Cavite State University Indang Campus. He is a techy individual, likes to write something every time. Loves to play online games as well as playing sports with his friends.

Caysel Ercilla

Caysel has a fascination with words at an early age. Her love for writing has bloomed since then. After being taught to play musical instruments, she learned the magic of words when intertwined with melodies. She would later discover a new love for songwriting. Venturing into the music scene and the lively world of pop culture are among her favorite activities. She aspires to tell their stories. When life gets a little tough, Caysel disappears into the world of K-dramas, figure skate ice dance programs and video essays, then comes right back whenever she's ready.

Cherry Mae Villarta

Cherry's writing started as a fun hobby. As she discovers that writing gives her creative freedom, she decides to give her pastime a professional turn. From writing poems, stories, features, and news, she is now ready to explore the depth of writing to give her content volume and dynamics.

Chin Ann Obiedo

Chin Ann is a weaver of words by profession, or at least that’s what she calls her love-hate (mostly love) relationship with the written word. When she’s not writing, she’s creating beauty and fashion looks at the most random times of the day and hangs out with her cats more than she should. She also loves Bangtan with all her heart and wishes she could live in the cinemas.

Christine Mae Aguas

Christine Mae is an aspiring writer with high ambitions, who indulges herself in K-Pop music, thus developing her interest in exploring lifestyle, showbiz, and entertainment. Even as an ISTP, her introverted personality never hindered her deep passion in writing whatever she enjoys, because nothing can ever stop her inner voice from screaming through her written works.

Christine Janoras

Christine loves writing prose and poetry. Her indecisiveness has led her to discover the media industry. She believed that it is only through learning the art of words that a person can truly understand the significance and value of life.

Clarisse Valle

Clarisse is a writer who constantly can't decide between one more game or one more episode. If she's not writing, you can find her watching series, listening to music or indulging in her borderline unhealthy enjoyment on open-world & fps games. She likes cats and strawberries too!

Clint Andrei Magada

An aspiring Journalist and Editor, I am Clint Magada currently studying at the Polytechnic University of the Philippines. I am a freelance writer and Graphic Designer.

Raphael Garcia

Raphael is a person born between the generations of Millenial and Gen Z. He was produced by Cavite State University (Main Campus) with a bachelor's degree in Political Science. The lad has a fresh take on things, but can still stay true to his roots. He writes anything in Pop Culture as long as it suits his taste (if it doesn't, it's for work). He loves to wander around the cosmos and comes back with a story to publish.

Cris Jr. Vilchez

Cris is a writer and a photographer who loves to work at midnight. He aspires to be one of the well-known media contributors in the world. Cris eyes for visuals because he can express his thoughts through this. He loves to play with colors. He loves to explore everything and he masters nothing. He writes other people stories and build connection from this.

Cris Shella Camasis

Shella is an optimistic individual whose first love is writing. On days when she is at a loss for words, reading books and interesting online articles help her activate her creative mind and find the words she wants to write. Her finest thrill is getting a day to watch a Korean series.

Cristine Joy Bando

Cristine Joy is a broadcasting major with a deep passion and obsession for reading and writing. She's the type of person that would lie to herself saying "one last chapter is all I need for a good night's sleep" then proceeds to finish the whole story until dawn. Her tenacity is what makes her believe that writing is not simply just a talent, rather it's a skill that one can continuously improve upon practice.

Cristine Joy Soliven

Gab is an introvert who uses art and literature to escape reality. Tragic stories and poems about mental health awareness are Gab's favorite subject to write. Although an enthusiast of fiction writing, she also loves to write about the things she's in love with. It's not about a man, but music.

Dannah Francia

Dannah loves art no matter which form it is. Her favorite pastime is watching spoken poetry and crying because of how much it speaks to her. She’s forgetful but will never forget how much you made her feel. She likes taking pictures of everything for every memory is supposed to be cherished just as every picture she has ever taken.

Darlene Johanne Febre

Darlene, better known as Da, is currently a broadcasting student at the Polytechnic University of the Philippines - Manila. Her interests lie in K-pop, books, and coffee. With living an *extra* life in mind, she aspires to change the world for the better with the same grace and grandeur as Legally Blonde's Elle Woods.

Penn Villamora

Penn Villamora is a lifestyle writer and a foodie from Davao. He likes listening to people's story on the street and call their stories poetic. Almost always, you'll catch him munching a chocolate bar.


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Diana Pamela Dominguez

Diana is passionate about writing most especially, creative writing. She loves to write poetry whenever she has free time and inspiration and shares some of it on her Instagram poetry account. Her inspirations can be from personal experiences, an outburst of emotions, or through art and music that resonates through her soul. Diana appreciates art and literature the most, especially the classics but is not the biggest fan of reading.

Dominic Duquiatan

Dominic indulges in whatever piques his interest and consumes his time, only to forget about it when he discovers something more intriguing than the last. He is currently rediscovering Taylor Swift after having stopped listening when Reputation came out, and he might binge-watch alien documentaries sometime this week. Nevertheless, writing is the one constant thing that wouldn't slip his mind for sure. Randomly unearthing good films is his fourth favorite thing in life. His third, second, and first are ABBA, suspending disbelief, and his girlfriend, respectively.

Drex Le

Drex Le Jaena is a writer currently based in Cavite.

Elfred Dalde

Elfred is an aspiring media practitioner who is deeply in love with traveling, exploring nature, understanding one's culture, and especially exploring the world of culinary maps. He spends his spare time watching documentaries and cooking shows. He believes that writing has a multi-layered purpose for everyone.

Erika Faye Breboneria

Erika loves her time being alone but equally enjoy working as part of a team. As a writer, she always wants to have a draft first and then just rewrite everything once it's done and finalized. She is quite outspoken and prefer reading texts out loud. Her favorite things include watching rom-com films/shows, eating sweets, and singing.

Erwin Lucio

Erwin is a writer who is a big geek for superheroes, a certified political junkie and a liberal thinker. He enjoys watching movies at night and reading a lot of articles and blogs until he falls asleep. Aside from being a writer, Erwin is also am advocate of religious freedom, press freedom and liberalism.

Eslyn Rose Ramos

She is an aspiring individual who loves to share her thoughts and feelings through writing. She aims to be able to make use of her knowledge and skill-sets to their full potential and, at the same time, acquire new learnings throughout her journey of self-growth and discovery.

Florence Atabay

If Florence is not busy with her school works, then she is probably binge-watching TV series and films. She finds it easier to write with the help of playlists she curated. However, she is still looking for the balance between fiction writing and journalism. Because she likes both, she tries to do both even if their techniques and concepts could not be farther from each other.

Franchesca Martin

Aside from being a self-proclaimed caffeine-dependent person, Franchesca believes that she is a writer too. Because of her desire to escape mundanity, most of her time is spent in her bed watching TV series or her nose in a book. Additionally, she can be found wandering the streets, museums, and theaters of Manila. When asked about her philosophy in life, she will answer, “God is a woman, and my lola is the proof!”

Paoline Guinoo

Paoline is driven by passion and enthusiasm for making things happen of what she envisioned. She invites people to see the colors she created on an empty canvas. Through writing or designing, she likes people to see the wonders of stories in a glimmer of first sight

Genesis Guerrero

Genesis is a sensitive soul although thick-skinned. She is hungry for knowledge and change. Her goal is to amplify the voice of many through her writing.

Gian Santos

Gian is nerd, a big one. He is fascinated by technology and how it improves our day-to-day life, and if you happen to meet him, he’ll most likely geek out about the tech you’re carrying. He tends to find it hard to stop talking when asked about things that interest him, so he writes about it all instead.

Queenie Lastra

Queenie Lasta got her bachelor's degree in Communications Research from UP Diliman. In her free time, she likes to read thriller novels, psychology books, and mangas. She believes in the importance of grit, hard work, and passion to become a great writer in the future.

Haizel Christodoulou

Haizel is a commercial model, singer-songwriter, and mother to four lovely kids. As the wife of recording artist Jason Fernandez, she loves to spend time with her family by watching series and playing games together. She expresses herself through fashion and acting, having a dream of becoming a theater actress. She has a heart for owning the stage, that’s why she pursued her talent in doing commercials and acting in a couple of projects.

Hannah Charade Alcuezar

Hannah Charade is a quirky and off-beat broadcasting student who is absorbed in the world of mystery and detective stories. She is passionate about chronicling compelling and entertaining stories to relay to the public. Though Hannah currently struggles with a reading slump, she does not let this stop her from hoarding books she thinks she will love.

Hiroshi Allera

Hiroshi Bagason Allera is a covertly non-conformist writer who loves K-Pop. Fond of writing lifestyle and entertainment, music, and stories of greater masses. Hiro sees through the fun of life and creates pieces using the power of words and a little bit of beneficence.

Howie Regalado

Howie is a writer who's fuelled mainly by sweets and coffee. As a writer, he aims to build stories that touches the hearts of people, creating bonds even through niche interests. An individual exploring the world through a wide range of topics falling under fashion, entertainment, music, media, and literature.

Isaac Mae Regular

Isaac Mae enjoys reading. In her spare time, she usually writes stories. She also enjoys watching K-Drama and listening to K-Pop. Isaac also enjoys trying something new to improve herself. Although she appears to be quite reserved, as soon as she gets close to you, she starts talking nonstop.

Ivan Royce Pedron

Ivan Royce is a journalism student from Cavite State University. Aside from being a writer, he is also a video content creator, photographer, and graphic designer. He likes to drink…. Coffee, tea, or maybe alcohol. Ask him for recommendations!

James Dennis Escalante

James Escalante dreams of becoming a broadcast journalist with profound interest in science & technology, history, health, and current events. He will invite you for an Ice Cream while online gaming in a heartbeat. He believes that knowledge, wisdom, and practice should always go hand in hand.

Jane Elcy Relos

Jane always wants to be in the know. Aside from writing, she takes pleasure in listening to music and watching films, series, and documentaries. She loves many things but creativity is on the top of her list.

Janelle Kyla Liong

Janelle is a full-time K-Pop fan but is also an active campus journalist since elementary. She loves to watch movies, but television series have a special place in her heart. She is also into romantic-comedy and the slice-of-life genres.

John Angelo Obillos

John Angelo, who prefers to be called Jao, is a full-time fur parent of his eight aspins. Prior to the pandemic, writing was his weakness, but he has since discovered that aside from his fur babies, writing is something therapeutic.

Jashel Tagbas

Jashel is a working student. Writing was her first love and she was also curious about her surroundings– the reason why she chose Journalism. She loves watching kdrama and play online games during her free time. She believes that actions without words is confusing and words without action is baseless.

Jasper Carlo Barleta

Jasper is a passionate writer who spends more time articulating his ideas first, rather than directly jotting them down. A piece of good random music combined with gloomy weather would keep him sane while accomplishing whatever task he was working on. He is fascinated with diversifying his skills that he never limits himself to what he thinks he is capable of doing.

Jayniel De Gracia

Jayniel is a gifted creative writer with a passion for exploring the world through words. For me, writing is a talent for crafting captivating stories that leave readers spellbound. With an extensive background in writing, I have honed my craft through various forms of art, from films, commercials, and advertisements to creative vlogs. Writing is a way of expressing emotions, thoughts, and experiences; it's a medium to connect with people and explore the world in a different way.

Jenny Pearl Atoy

Jenny has always been interested in writing. She had difficulty identifying her passion and purpose, but she has decided to pursue what brings her comfort. Spends her free time at home, either watching series or playing with her dogs.

Jeohan Samuel Aquino

Jeohan is a broadcasting student and an artist. Aside from having a keen eye for detail, he is passionate about learning new skills that would benefit his career. During his leisure time, he indulges in watching films and playing video games. He believes that listening to heavy metal boosts one's productivity.

John Alfred Esmilla

John Alfred Esmilla is an aspiring online journalist and educator. In his free time, he plays Mobile Legends and watches reality shows. A pitcher of coffee fuels him. He believes that height is just a number, so don't dare to ask it. His love language: acts of service.

John Joseph Martin

Martin is your average manileño. He loves history and traveling around his beloved Metro Manila. His passion is to make the past come to life by exposing past stories not known by the general public. Tag along with him as he visits the past through the present.

Joma dela Merced

Joma is an enthusiastic public-speaker and a passionate story-teller. Armed with a pen, her wild ideas, and zest for the unseen, she goes far and wide to sew words and unearth stories. Beyond what she loves, you'll find her snuggled in between silent giggles, engrossed with rom-coms and sweet delights.

Jomari Tirado

Jomari is a Communication Research student. He loves to write different stories and his thoughts in his notebook. If I am not writing, you can see me watching documentaries and TV shows on Netflix. I can also write articles like exploring the world and a topic related to my interest. I also love playing sports like Volleyball and Badminton.

Joseph A. Villena Jr.

Joseph is a broadcasting student adept at developing compelling and creative stories with unfaltering dedication. With many years of experience as a Campus Journalist, he has gained invaluable writing experiences that made him a story-driven person. Aside from writing, he also has an interest in photography, graphic designing, and gaming. He believes that writing is a potent activity that one can do to inspire other people.

Joshua Punzal

Joshua enjoys writing about random topics to pass the time when he is bored. As a foodie, he also writes food critiques about unusual foods with unusual combinations that make you want to throw up. He enjoys watching movies and listening to music. He has an odd talent: he can vomit on command.

Joyce Margaux Baniqued

Joyce Margaux is a driven journalism student looking to improve her writing abilities and become a better version of herself. When it comes to duties being completed, she values time management and consistency. She considers herself as a responsible and orderly person that yearns to live the best life

Judie Marie Cebeda

Judie likes to write about real-life stories because she wants her readers to understand what it's like to be there and feel the same emotions as the characters she is writing about. She has a great eye for detail and the ability to perform well under pressure because she has been a writer since middle school. And she wants to be the writer who can speak truth to power, stand up for the voiceless, expose hypocrisy, injustice, and bring attention to what she believes to be significant.

Julia Reign Reyes

Reign needs the aid of music, podcast, or video game streams while working. Her goal as a writer and an artist is to capture the ephemerality of stories. During her free time, she attempts to satisfy her never-ending curiosities about world history, media entertainment, literature, and true crime.

Junessa Rendon

Being a beauty & portrait photographer, Junessa naturally gravitated towards investing in all things skincare-related. She recognizes the duality in the market of beauty as it embraces diversity, and accessibility. Through her own deep-dive into the fascinating caverns of the skincare and beauty world over the years, she’s become passionate about finding which products are actually worth it.

Jurelyn Trocio

Jurelyn's passion has taken her from writing in her diary to pursuing journalism as her bachelor's degree. She finds joy in listening and telling people's stories. Jurelyn believes that there's something extraordinary in mundane things. She juggles her studies and work as an assistant social media producer. When writer's block hits, she seeks serenity and inspiration in watching K-dramas.

JV Palencia

JV majors in Communication at the Ateneo De Naga University. He has the eye for a great fashion moment and which statement pieces should be talked about, you name it. He's gonna give you everything you need to know—from Runway collections, Fashion Film and History, and Even the Maisons and Atelier’s tenets; he makes sure he gets everything right! Always ready to be vocal and striving for nothing but excellence in his field.

Karen Sanchez

Karen is a person that can talk nonstop but she's never assertive. This gal has an overflowing imagination and the only time that she's silent (except of course when she's asleep) is when she is mentally plotting a story. Through writing, she gets to express her inner thoughts and unveil her imagination. She enjoys reading books but oftentimes fall asleep while doing so, reading Wattpad stories, and watching Korean dramas and anime.

Katrina Binaya

Katrina is a Communication Research student from the Polytechnic University of the Philippines. She is a reliable person who continues to seek greater knowledge and experience. She also loves to read, watch films and series, and would love to explore more things through traveling.

Kaz Motoda

Kaz Motoda is a Bachelor of Fine Arts major in Advertising at the University of Rizal System-Angono Campus. Aside from being an artist, painter and designer, He is also a social media manager and content creator that makes him more engaged on media trends.

Kenneth Gallano

Kenneth currently studies Broadcasting in the Polytechnic University of the Philippines. He has always been drawn to writing and communicating ideas about what he observes. In his spare time, he is fascinated by books, television series, and movies, such as marvelous superheroes.

Kenneth Peji

A scaredy little boy, yet still dreaming big as a writer. Kenneth often can be seen chillin’ at his own killing time binge watching or sometimes your outgoing friend that helps you cheer up. He’s creative when his passion for writing is mentioned, a mid-tier artist; but never had a talent for dancing and singing. He’s a dreamer and believer. You might see him stuck in the corner but very approachable guy and fun to be with. If you want to know more about the story he might think, follow his journey.

Kobe Adam Joshua Laurena

Kobe Adam Joshua Laurena is a writer who loves to tell stories from the perspectives of different people and everyday life. Apart from the pen, he loves to pick up the lipstick to transform into his frustrated drag persona: Anita Good Lovin’. He aspires to combine his love for writing and drag by creating a novel, short story, or screenplay about local drag queens in the future. He also has an obsession with sitcoms, women’s pro-wrestling, and Funko Pops.

Kraiza Pascual

Kraiza Pascual is a 22-year-old self-taught digital artist and an aspiring writer who loves to feature foods, places, and lifestyles.

Kristel Anne Sabater

Kristel Anne, better known as Telly but hates to be called by her second name “Anne”, is currently a Broadcasting student of Bicol University. She’s an ambivert type of person to which led her as an outspoken one, and a struggling writer at the same time. As a long-time hopeless romantic, she sought solace through writing, plus watching romance genre or any tear-jerker films will always be part of the option. She also finds peace through music.

Kristen Milleny Javier

Kristen sees writing as her way of expressing not only her emotions, but also the things she cannot express orally—they are her source of growth and individuality—not linear, but continuing. For her, in order to be heard, you must first listen. A visual story-teller where everyone is seen, heard, and valued—uses her photographs to create a narrative, to uplift and acknowledge triumphs and failures.

Kurt Abonal

A fine arts student majoring in advertising arts at the University of Santo Tomas. Kurt loves fashion films and runways. He also invests his time researching fashion archives, basically fashion history on how it flourished in this current era. A vocal person who is not afraid to be brutally honest within himself, and the people around him A work in progress in the making, to exemplify excellence in the creative field in the future.

Kyla Demdam

Every word Kyla writes is an honest reflection of who she really is. She has a bookshelf in her heart and a typewriter in her head. She's expressive but she prefers to let her thoughts bleed through her pen.

Laica Cuevas

Laica is an ambivert; she loves being alone but gets rowdy with the people she's familiar with. She is an aspiring radio DJ that reads people's stories. When not cooking, you can probably find her under a blanket, watching the latest Korean drama series. She loves complimenting others and make them realize of the goodness they have.

Lalaine Coronel

Lalaine loves to create an idea and collaborate with someone who can execute her ideas. For her, ideas are bulletproof. She is always curious and loves watching law and detective kdramas while eating her favorites sushi and donut.

Lea Briones

Lea Briones' love for writing and reading books led her to the path of journalism, molding her to become the outspoken feminist she is today. At fifteen, she already knew she wanted to be a writer as she aspires to be her own version of the hopeless romantic it girl, Carrie Bradshaw. This introverted Virgo sun, Leo moon, and Libra rising is an astrology enthusiast and an avid crystal collector who found solace and comfort in writing her thoughts and innermost feelings.

Leah Andreah Gonzalo

Leah is a writer who also have a huge interest in music, especially for KPOP genre. She enjoys attending concerts and events of her idols whenever they come to perform in the Philippines. She also finds comfort in writing articles that are related to her interests.

Leanne Lorejo

"Leanne or LJ -- as what her friends would like to call her-- is a walking enigma. She loves reading books more than going out, but would if her family drags her out. The limelight was never her spot, and if you look hard enough, you'll find her in a corner enjoying her peace in the shadows of other people's light.

Llana Cabajar

An aspiring adventurist who aims to travel the world someday. Weird and poetic, a great friend for problematic rants and deep talks about life in general. Hit me up on my socials!

Lloyd Jasper Esculin

Lloydie believes that living in a world full of imagination is not easy; it is wonderful. Thus, he hopes to inspire people through his stories as he traverses this planet.

Lord Harvey Monteroso

Having graduated from Xavier University-Ateneo de Cagayan with a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology, Lord Harvey Monteroso doesn’t shy away from using words to create visual images when he writes. He also makes sure to add humor with his in-depth analyses when writing movie/trailer/tv series/music video/song reactions and reviews.

Lorraine Emeterio

Raine is a writer who finds comfort in mornings as they are more conducive in getting her creative juices flow- as the sun rises, so does her level of productivity. She spends a lot of her free time daydreaming about roaming the streets of Paris and even tries to learn the language of love. To put it more bluntly, she is a writer who sometimes writes.

Lorwillyn Joy Cruz

Aside from writing, she loves sports and has been a varsity student for eight years. But as a kid, she dreamt of being a chef one day. That is why she, too, has fallen in love with the art of cooking. That's Lorwillyn, mostly known as "Joy" in their household, and she may not have the most joyous face you'd ever see when you happen to bump into her. Worry not 'cos she isn't mad nor vexed. She's probably just thinking about what update in the story she should write next.

Louisse Anne Castillo

"Louisse is an aspiring writer, fueled by her love of reading. She writes like she thinks; careful, deliberate, and visionary. She believes that how and what you write is a reflection of who you are."

Lourdes Eslao

Lourdes loves to express herself through her outfits and style. Fashion is her favorite topic as she dream of becoming a professional model and strutting the runway someday. Her favorite hobby is thrifting. She believes that everybody has their own unique style.

Ma Angelica Ramas

Angel dreamt of being a writer ever since childhood. She is passionate and puts all her heart on everything she does. Through writing, she's able to confidently express her ideas and share her experiences to the world.

Maedelyn Quita

Maedelyn is a journalism student from Cavite State University. She is a passionate girl whose dream is to travel the world and write stories about it. She likes photography and is interested in fashion. She also likes to watch classic movies.

Maianne Dae Palma

Maianne Dae is an aspiring broadcast journalist with deep interest in photography, pageantry, lifestyle, and current events. In her spare time, she prefers to watch documentaries and reality shows. She believes that inquisitive minds are what makes the world go round!

Marck Losaria

Marck Losaria is a fashion designer and a writer from Davao City. Other than being a fashion designer, he loves to write an educational and inspirational articles about fashion, personal experience, travel destinations.

Maria Loren

Everything Maria creates is an honest and sincere expression of who she is. She decorates her free time making things that are close to her heart, like poetry and music. She has a knack for public speaking but prefers to write everything down instead. Because spoken words are fleeting, written ones can outlive us all.

Mariel Abanes

Mariel is a freelance writer/editor from Manila, mainly covering the lifestyle and culture beats. A big music fan with a passion for Asian music, she's constantly on the lookout for the next hit or an undiscovered gem waiting to be heard. When not bopping to her tunes, she's packing her bags to explore the world or attending intimate gigs of her favorite bands.

Mariel Dogelio

Mariel is a writer who finds writing a safe space to share her experiences and opinions with the world. Aside from writing, she also listens to music, specifically K-pop and OPM, to relax after a challenging day.

Mary Margaret Pangilinan

Marga is a broadcasting student and an optimistic writer. She’s fond of watching lifestyle vlogs and tear-jerker films. The power of writing has always been fascinating to her because it lets her express what is in the depths of her heart. Through her words, she hopes to have a positive influence on people.

May Ann Leanillo

May Ann Lorio Leanillo is a Journalism Student from Cavite State University. She loves writing but is still learning and exploring the world of pen and paper. Watching action movies, mystery, fiction, and fantasy genres is what she enjoys the most in her free time. Believes that hard work and determination works over skills.

John Micael Callao

Micael is a community journalist. He is studying BA Journalism in the Polytechnic University of the Philippines-Manila. He was awarded as one of the top 10 outstanding citizens of Gen. Mariano Alvarez, Cavite after he conducted community projects and volunteered in certain causes. He promotes youth leadership, participation, and social inclusion. He advocates gender equality for a safe and healthy community. Applying all things that he learned from the academe and from various conferences, he localized impactful projects and started bringing change to the masses.

Micah Marah Balbin

Micah Balbin is a student journalist from Cavite State University. She's here to explore and enjoy the world of writing. Believes that you don't need to fit yourself in the standard of society. You were born to stand out in your ways.

Micas Ladua

Micas pursues writing and photography as a hobby and as an instrument to feature the life of people often ignored in society. She aspires to be a journalist and an all-around cool girl someday. She's in the process of making herself eloquent in writing and speaking.

Mikkah Joy Britt

Mikkah is an aspiring researcher in the making. A young writer who is fueled by a passion for writing and creating content that will give a meaningful experience to the readers. She extremely believes that everything she does is by God's grace alone.

Moira Jozielle Sulit

Moira is a clumsy extroverted writer who scribbles about everything that piques her interest. That includes her own emotions, love, life, love life, music, books, you name it. Albeit reliant on her random bursts of creativity to get going at times, she is ingeniously curious and dependable, and talks to her seven cats as a stress reliever. She has found home in writing ever since she was a child and sees it as the sole legacy that her parents she barely knows has left for her.

Mouline Sagun

"An apprentice who again slowly regains her drive to write, thanks to someone who gave her the push to do so. Topics about society, culture, and lifestyle is her cup of tea. It is a no brainer if she enjoys watching or reading anything that falls into the three. If she can no longer handle the exhaustion and stress from writing, a cup of coffee with a side of sweets and anime is her comfort. An apprentice who draws inspiration, either in what she read, watched, listened, or seen. She always empties herself, thinking that she's a blank slate who needs to learn how to fill her canvas."

Elaine Margaret

A self-proclaimed lover of everything new, fun, and interesting, Elaine tries her hand at anything and everything that catches her attention. When she's not contemplating the meaning of life and the purpose of living, she's out searching for new reasons to get her out and about. From exploring the lesser-known hidden travel gems down to trying the weirdest food, drinks, and games, her bucket list of must-tries never thins.

Myron Lowell Ochea

Milo is the living embodiment of his hobbies: gaming, public speaking, and writing. As an extroverted entertainer, his writing is usually flavored with humor and creative descriptions of his chosen topic. Despite this, he has the discipline to write compelling tales and hard-hitting facts with ease. As a public speaker and a journalist, he loves nothing but the pursuit of the objective truth.

Nathalie Shien Pantonial

Nathalie Shien is a 4th year BUeño taking a degree in Journalism under the Department of Print and Broadcast Media at the College of Arts and Letters. She is a well motivated individual who finds writing as one of her favorite things to do. It is her past time hobby to write literary works such as poems, short stories and many more. Aside from this, she loves to talk with people, socialize with them as she saw that it is a great help to understand someone's story. Besides, her desire to become a great writer improved as she joined their school-based organization namely as Bicol Organization of Neo-Journalists (BONJour).

Nathan Capistrano

A fourth-year fine arts college student in the University of Santo Tomas, majoring in advertising. Nathan usually does extensive research on fashion and runway history, film, music and pop culture, with a strong eagerness to learn more.

Neysa Bianca Geocallo

Neysa is a passionate writer who's a journalist by heart and a researcher by choice. She is currently pursuing a degree in Communication Research at the Polytechnic University of the Philippines. She also enjoys photography and graphic designing for freelance work and as a hobby.

Niña Talinao

Niña is a reader and it is through stories that she realized her love for words. Even though she is not much of a talker in real life, she has discovered that written words are just as powerful as the uttered ones. She is currently an undergraduate Journalism student and loves to listen to music and watch book recommendation videos.

Omar James Lero

A lover of anything tech, science, food, and video games. James usually browses the web for interesting articles in his free time while sipping coffee on his favorite mug.

Patricia Mae Tijam

Mae has always been into writing. She likes to write poems whenever she is inspired to do so. Or, she would just write her thoughts freely in her journal. Other than that, she spends her time listening to random music, watching movies, and just browsing on Twitter. It may sound like she's an introvert but she's really talkative when you meet her. You'd even wish the gods to let her stop talking and breathe.

Maria Patricia Eunice Navas

Pat has always been the person who would sit down with a book and finish it in one day. Hence, she fell in love with writing. She is now a proud Iska of Polytechnic University of the Philippines, studying Bachelor of Arts in Journalism. Currently a working student, Pat usually squeezes her time for work, study, and her hobbies, including reading, arts, and watching various stuff. Most especially, she advocates for a cleaner ocean and better marine life.

Patrick Cabusay

Patrick has been running around with a pen on the right hand, and camera on the left, for more than 10 years now. Recently rejoining the RED Entertainment Team, he never gets to leave his love for words and arts.

Annefreid Vivar

Paulette Annefreid Vivar is a journalism student from Cavite State University Indang Campus. She is a musically-inclined student journalist who loves to write poetry and to speak figuratively in her creative works, to compose songs and to sing.

Paulo Andre Mancera

Paulo is an easygoing writer with a strong fascination in gaming and lifestyle. His hobbies revolves around sports, anime, television series, and fashion. His drive is to keep himself as entertained as possible so that every minute spent is an experience of something meaningful and fun.

Peter Thaddeus Ibañez

Peter Thaddeus, who prefers to be called Deus, is an aspiring story-teller since he believes in his ability to do so. His hobbies include curating through the hottest ukay finds, re-reading the Percy Jackson series, and he loves being updated about everything related to Pop Culture. That is why he always makes sure to bring an extra spice in everything that he writes. Deus makes sure to uncover the real tea in the entertainment industry.

Precious Paronable

Precious' only desire for the future is to be more human. The world we live in has shackled us in the limitations of practicality that we are taught that to be human is to be weak. She wants to change that narrative and attempt to prove that the best way to progress and equality is by amplifying our humanity. Believe it or not- she absurdly believes that this could be done through writing. On a more formal and boring note she has a journalism degree with plans to pursue legal studies in the future.

Josh Austria

Aside from being a businessman, Josh Austria has been working in PR and media industry for more more than a decade. From his years of experience as the Marketing and Advertising Head of Village Pipol Magazine, he has built strong relationships with creative people, brands, and organizations.

Ralph Allen Dee

Public speaking was never really a strong suit of Ralph Allen. Hence, she pursued Journalism as her Undergraduate Degree Program. Aside from her love of writing, she is a volleyball player and a diehard fan of Taylor Swift. Despite her fear of talking in public, she believes that through writing, she can "comeback stronger than a '90s trend."

Rayvelyn Gigawin

Rayvelyn who prefers to address her as "Rayve" is an enthusiastic writer of non-fiction stories like real-life scenarios and social issues. She is also a one-shot poetry writer both in English and Filipino. She loves to make her writings an avenue of warmth and care. Currently, she resides in Navotas where she devotes her passion in serving the youth through Mass Media Ministry.

Reimeline Jasil Sayson

All the way from Mindanao, Reimeline is currently pursuing her Bachelor’s degree in Communication and Media Arts at UP Mindanao with hopes to be an accomplished writer one day. She is mainly a homebody who owns three pet cats and likes to crochet, read stories, play online games, and scroll the internet when she is not writing.

Remi Rose Jacob

A passionate and goal-oriented writer who communicates better in writing than in conversation. She is more of a logical writer and prefers to tell true stories—or at least stories that the reader can relate with. She uses words to unearth the truth, liberate the people with the information, and to promote causes such as mental health, youth empowerment, and LGBTQIA+ rights.

Joy Rencel Carmen

Joy Rencel loves writing feature stories about almost everything. She is on a quest to discover about life and how she can share it with the rest of the world through writing. She also enjoys her alone time, where she can catch up on her favorite series or simply obsess over interior design.

Renzneil Robles

Renzo is an introvert who prefers to do things at his own pace. Unlike most writers, he reads lazily. Watching Korean dramas at night is his constant source of comfort. Although oftentimes commended for being outspoken, he speaks better through writing than with his words.

Ria Genteroy

Ria Genteroy is an English Language Studies graduate from the University of Santo Tomas. A media personnel by profession and a storyteller by heart, she aspires that her words spark meaningful conversations.

Rianne Royce B. Opeña

Rianne Royce is a lady who is passionate about writing, and she is now pursuing a degree in Journalism at Bicol University. She first becomes interested in writing when she is a senior in high school and continues to pursue it when she is in college. She writes story pieces and makes sure that what she writes is current and interesting to the audience. She has a strong passion for writing, which she has developed further since joining the school-based organization BONJour and pursuing freelance writing on the side.

Richie de Quina

Richie de Quiina spends his day as a CEO during weekdays and as a loving daddy to his numerous fur babies on weekends. Juggling between companies, Richie is mastering the art of building start-up businesses and has little time for anything else. His limited time must be spent wisely and his relaxation comes from friends and family, physical activities (gym/badminton), his beautifully manicured garden, and his herd of cute and lovable pets (dogs, birds, and koi). This keeps his sense of equilibrium and the closest thing to living a normal and balanced life.

Ronalyn Cedullo

Alyn is a 4th year journalism student at Bicol University College of Arts and Letters. She discovered her interest in layouting when she was in her third year, as she was appointed as the Creative Head Content of their department-based organization, which is BONJour. She loves exploring and experimenting with different designs in order to find her art style. She aims to have a signature design in order to recognize her works quickly. She is into Japanese art styles with an aesthetic and classic vibe.

Ronalyn Santos

There are some people who find solace in different things. For Ronalyn, she finds peace in writing and taking random pictures. As she writes, she feels a sense of release from all the negative thoughts that have been consuming her mind. Writing has become a form of therapy for her, allowing her to express herself in ways that she couldn’t otherwise; writing is a way of healing. In her photographs, she freezes the moments that bring her joy and vulnerability. It’s her way of documenting the beauty around her, giving her a sense of purpose.

Ronnabelle Bartolay

Ronnabelle goes by the nickname, Ron; a queer introvert who loves to learn new things on her own. Has a passion in graphic design and writing, and is interested in niches like food, anime, and pop culture.

Maria Rosella Tupaz

Rosella also called as Sella by her friends, is a proud "iskolar ng bayan," studying Journalism at Polytechnic University of the Philippines. She loves to read and express herself through writing. She believes that mind and words are powerful, so she aspires to be someone who uses them to amplify the voice of others.

Rosemarie Coliat

Rosemarie is a writer and an artist, She developed a passion for arts at a young age, inspired by the Japanese animation that she frequently watches which also sparked her love for writing. Her arts and writings became her special way of expressing her feelings as she's not really good with words. Most of her time were spend on either honing her digital drawing skills, watching anime, or gaming.

Ruffy Ting

Edgar Ruffy L. Ting is a broadcasting student aspiring to be a newscaster one day. He spends a lot of his free time watching movies and television series and loves genres like science fiction, horror, black comedy, and action. He is fond of reinventing himself and discovering new things to make his life ahead more exciting and interesting.