Abegail Tan

Abegail is a writer whose stories embody "I tried it out so you won't have to." When she isn't busy telling people the next must-visit, she spends her day thrifting and scoring the lowest yet quality deals online. Nothing makes her happier than receiving a much-awaited parcel at her doorstep.

Alyssa Ross Jorta

Alyssa Ross Jorta is a rare and unknown celestial being that believes in the beauty of everything. She sees beauty and happiness in the most trivial things, whether from the sweet aroma of coffee or from a warm embrace of her blanket– and as much as possible, she wants to capture those moments to remember them timelessly.

Andrea Averion

A dedicated mother of 4 cats, her interests are Japanese and western pop culture, and she knows what's up on the internet ranging from funny to weird. She also casually drops Tiktok references in real-life conversations.

Angela Grace Baltan

Angela Grace P. Baltan is a Communication graduate from Colegio de San Juan de Letran. She doesn’t hesitate to be opinionated in analyzing movies and television series. As a writer, she uses her articles to advocate for feminism, gender equality, and mental health among others.

Angela Nicole Guiral

Angela is an avid reader and writer. What she reads, she feels; what she feels, she writes. When her pen dries, she speaks—tells the whole world what she feels. Away from the eyes of the crowd, she engrosses herself in music, film, and design.

Aphro Apollo

Aphro Apollo (Roel Pulido Pagal) is a contemporary author and a senior student of BA Communication at the University of Northern Philippines. This young literary figure is pursuing his career in writing while attending his regular class. One of his goals in life is to become a Fashion journalist in Condé Nast, New York someday. His mantra, “Never underestimate the power of silence” really make things fall into place for him.

Arthur Tolentino

Arthur Tolentino is a creative who has diverse interests from creative writing to hairstyling and pageant coaching. Being passionate that he is, he loves pop culture and loves to talk about anything and everything under the sun.

Chin Ann Obiedo

Chin Ann is a weaver of words by profession, or at least that’s what she calls her love-hate (mostly love) relationship with the written word. When she’s not writing, she’s creating beauty and fashion looks at the most random times of the day and hangs out with her cats more than she should. She also loves Bangtan with all her heart and wishes she could live in the cinemas.

Rapha Garcia

Rapha is a person born between the generations of Millenial and Gen Z. He was produced by Cavite State University (Main Campus) with a bachelor's degree in Political Science. The lad has a fresh take on things, but can still stay true to his roots. He writes anything in Pop Culture as long as it suits his taste (if it doesn't, it's for work). He loves to wander around the cosmos and comes back with a story to publish.

Queenie Lastra

Queenie Lasta got her bachelor's degree in Communications Research from UP Diliman. In her free time, she likes to read thriller novels, psychology books, and mangas. She believes in the importance of grit, hard work, and passion to become a great writer in the future.

Haizel Christodoulou

Haizel is a commercial model, singer-songwriter, and mother to four lovely kids. As the wife of recording artist Jason Fernandez, she loves to spend time with her family by watching series and playing games together. She expresses herself through fashion and acting, having a dream of becoming a theater actress. She has a heart for owning the stage, that’s why she pursued her talent in doing commercials and acting in a couple of projects.

Ivan Royce Pedron

Ivan Royce is a journalism student from Cavite State University. Aside from being a writer, he is also a video content creator, photographer, and graphic designer. He likes to drink…. Coffee, tea, or maybe alcohol. Ask him for recommendations!

John Alfred Esmilla

John Alfred Esmilla is an aspiring online journalist and educator. In his free time, he plays Mobile Legends and watches reality shows. A pitcher of coffee fuels him. He believes that height is just a number, so don't dare to ask it. His love language: acts of service.

Joanna Marie dela Merced

Joma is an enthusiastic public-speaker and a passionate story-teller. Armed with a pen, her wild ideas, and zest for the unseen, she goes far and wide to sew words and unearth stories. Beyond what she loves, you'll find her snuggled in between silent giggles, engrossed with rom-coms and sweet delights.

Kaz Motoda

Kaz Motoda is a Bachelor of Fine Arts major in Advertising at the University of Rizal System-Angono Campus. Aside from being an artist, painter and designer, He is also a social media manager and content creator that makes him more engaged on media trends.

Kobe Adam Joshua Laurena

Kobe Adam Joshua Laurena is a writer who loves to tell stories from the perspectives of different people and everyday life. Apart from the pen, he loves to pick up the lipstick to transform into his frustrated drag persona: Anita Good Lovin’. He aspires to combine his love for writing and drag by creating a novel, short story, or screenplay about local drag queens in the future. He also has an obsession with sitcoms, women’s pro-wrestling, and Funko Pops.

Llana Cabajar

An aspiring adventurist who aims to travel the world someday. Weird and poetic, a great friend for problematic rants and deep talks about life in general. Hit me up on my socials!

Lord Harvey Monteroso

Having graduated from Xavier University-Ateneo de Cagayan with a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology, Lord Harvey Monteroso doesn’t shy away from using words to create visual images when he writes. He also makes sure to add humor with his in-depth analyses when writing movie/trailer/tv series/music video/song reactions and reviews.

Louisse Anne Castillo

"Louisse is an aspiring writer, fueled by her love of reading. She writes like she thinks; careful, deliberate, and visionary. She believes that how and what you write is a reflection of who you are."

Maedelyn Quita

Maedelyn is a journalism student from Cavite State University. She is a passionate girl whose dream is to travel the world and write stories about it. She likes photography and is interested in fashion. She also likes to watch classic movies.

Marck Losaria

Marck Losaria is a fashion designer and a writer from Davao City. Other than being a fashion designer, he loves to write an educational and inspirational articles about fashion, personal experience, travel destinations.

May Ann Leanillo

May Ann Lorio Leanillo is a Journalism Student from Cavite State University. She loves writing but is still learning and exploring the world of pen and paper. Watching action movies, mystery, fiction, and fantasy genres is what she enjoys the most in her free time. Believes that hard work and determination works over skills.

Micah Marah Balbin

Micah Balbin is a student journalist from Cavite State University. She's here to explore and enjoy the world of writing. Believes that you don't need to fit yourself in the standard of society. You were born to stand out in your ways.

Elaine Margaret

A self-proclaimed lover of everything new, fun, and interesting, Elaine tries her hand at anything and everything that catches her attention. When she's not contemplating the meaning of life and the purpose of living, she's out searching for new reasons to get her out and about. From exploring the lesser-known hidden travel gems down to trying the weirdest food, drinks, and games, her bucket list of must-tries never thins.

Paulette Annefreid Vivar

Paulette Annefreid Vivar is a journalism student from Cavite State University Indang Campus. She is a musically-inclined student journalist who loves to write poetry and to speak figuratively in her creative works, to compose songs and to sing.

Josh Austria

Aside from being a businessman, Josh Austria has been working in PR and media industry for more more than a decade. From his years of experience as the Marketing and Advertising Head of Village Pipol Magazine, he has built strong relationships with creative people, brands, and organizations.

Joy Rencel Carmen

Joy Rencel loves writing feature stories about almost everything. She is on a quest to discover about life and how she can share it with the rest of the world through writing. She also enjoys her alone time, where she can catch up on her favorite series or simply obsess over interior design.

Renzneil Robles

Renzo is an introvert who prefers to do things at his own pace. Unlike most writers, he reads lazily. Watching Korean dramas at night is his constant source of comfort. Although oftentimes commended for being outspoken, he speaks better through writing than with his words.

Ria Genteroy

Ria Genteroy is an English Language Studies graduate from the University of Santo Tomas. A media personnel by profession and a storyteller by heart, she aspires that her words spark meaningful conversations.

Richie de Quina

Richie de Quiina spends his day as a CEO during weekdays and as a loving daddy to his numerous fur babies on weekends. Juggling between companies, Richie is mastering the art of building start-up businesses and has little time for anything else. His limited time must be spent wisely and his relaxation comes from friends and family, physical activities (gym/badminton), his beautifully manicured garden, and his herd of cute and lovable pets (dogs, birds, and koi). This keeps his sense of equilibrium and the closest thing to living a normal and balanced life.

Sheldeen Joy Talavera

Sheldeen is a writer who loves to watch series and to play with her dogs in her free time — ways to pause and take a break. She also aims to write to advocate for animal welfare and rights.

Vee De Serra

Vee De Serra is a go-getter and a writer driven by passion. When in doubt, he believes that "Life isn't fair but it is up to you make it one". As a city and a beach person, when the sun is out, expect him to spend hours getting lost in the concrete jungle or laying by the shoreline with both finishing the day by watching a beautiful sunset.