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Apologetic QC Mayor Joy Belmonte addresses her critics

Apologetic QC Mayor Joy Belmonte addresses her critics

In a public apology, Quezon City Mayor Joy Belmonte addressed those who criticized her for the way she mishandled the problems in her local government unit brought by the global pandemic COVID-19.

Joy Belmonte issued public apology

Belmonte apologized for losing her cool through a social media post which drew flak from netizens. Apparently, it sounded more of a rant than a solution to the urgent needs of her constituents.

In fact, they were just looking for quarantine facilities and relief operations in the less-fortunate communities.


“First, I sincerely apologize for losing my composure on social media. You are correct that all the projects implemented by the QC government belong to you,” she said.

The Controversial Post

In the said post, Belmonte implied that her critics were not entitled to what she has been doing to the city. Moreover, that they are under no obligation to accept any of her projects such as housing, education, healthcare, and social benefits.

Belmonte also admitted that it was a wrong to have branded the bags containing relief goods with her campaign slogan.

She added, “Second, I apologize for distributing health kits branded with ‘Joy Para Sa Bayan’. While it is true that my team used leftover donated bags from the previous campaign and that they were the most readily available bags on the first day of ECQ, it is clear that this was highly insensitive given the circumstances. Inaamin ko po na nagkamali ako.”

Further owning her faults for her actions, she said that made her “not recognize the public servant that I aspire to be.”

On the other hand, Quezon City already recorded a total of 476 COVID-19 cases.

In earlier statement released by the LGU, “The City Health Department clarifies that the raw data from the DOH is subject to the validation of the Epidemiology and Surveillance Unit, health center staff, and barangay officials to ensure that these patients are actual residents of Quezon City. Corrections will be made as the city verifies these cases.”

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