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GMMTV BL series, A Tale of Thousand Stars, finally gets an official trailer, poster, and release date

GMMTV BL series, A Tale of Thousand Stars, finally gets an official trailer, poster, and release date

Our pleas have been heard. The stars have finally granted our wishes. GMMTV (one of Thailand’s biggest TV networks and talent agencies) has released the updated and official trailer for their highly-anticipated Boys’ Love series A Tale of  Thousand Stars. The show’s release date and character poster have been released alongside it too.

title cardCourtesy of GMMTV

A Tale of Thousand Stars

A Tale of Thousand Stars is about a star-crossed love affair between a forest ranger and a volunteer teacher. Like most Thai BLs, this one is also based on a beloved novel of the same name. In this series, love is still the name of the game. Although, it’s certainly more than our duties and responsibilities. It even goes beyond life and death themselves.

Courtesy of GMMTV

The show was presented during GMMTV‘s annual “New & Next” event last October 15, 2019. It was slated to be released mid-2020. However, due to the global pandemic, it was pushed back to a later date.

Its story was also supposed to feature the military, but due to the political unrest in Thailand, the station made the decision to alter a few things. Instead of having soldiers, A Tale of Thousand Stars will focus on forestry officers in their rural outposts.

Courtesy of GMMTV

On the other hand, what makes the show unique is its setting. We’ll see a lot of greenery, and we’ll be taken to the hinterlands of Northern Thailand.

A first for any GMMTV BL series, the characters won’t be high school or university students at all. Apart from the brewing romance between the characters, we’ll also fall in love with another side of Thailand’s rich culture and people. Moreover, the stakes are greater now. With heavier sacrifices come an even more compelling plot.

The Stars of the Tale

Tian (portrayed by Mix Sahaphap)

A Tale of Thousand Stars MixCourtesy of GMMTV

Tian is given a second shot in life after having a successful heart transplant. Bent on learning more about his heart donor, he finds himself as a volunteer teacher in a far-flung village.

Torfun (protrayed by Aye Sarunchana)

A Tale of Thousand Stars AyeCourtesy of GMMTV

A volunteer teacher for the children of a remote community, Torfun is both charismatic and a romantic. She tragically dies in an alleged vehicular accident, but she also happens to become the donor of Tian‘s new heart.

Phupha (portrayed by Earth Pirapat)

A Tale of Thousand Stars EarthCourtesy of GMMTV

Phupha is a forest ranger. Stern and astute, he guards the villager of Pha Pun Dao and its denizens. As he grieves the death of his love, he meets the village’s new volunteer teacher — and the leaves become greener again all of a sudden.

Doctor Nam (portrayed by Nammon Krittanai)

A Tale of Thousand Stars NammonCourtesy of GMMTV

A doctor assigned in Pha Pun Dao, Doctor Nam is Phupha‘s friend and confidant. He’ll soon realize that his forest ranger friend has loosened up when the volunteer teacher arrived.

Longtae (portrayed by Khaotung Thanawat)

A Tale of Thousand Stars KhaotungCourtesy of GMMTV

Longtae is the son of Phu Pun Dao‘s village chief. He displays wisdom and a strong sense of leadership way beyond his years.

Tun (portrayed by White Nawat)

A Tale of Thousand Stars WhiteCourtesy of GMMTV

Tun will help Tian in his urge for self-rediscovery after the heart operation. He’s basically a moral compass, while being a fiesty best friend.

Lang (portrayed by Drake Laedeke)

A Tale of Thousand Stars DrakeCourtesy of GMMTV

Despite being the newest forest ranger assigned under Phupha‘s team, Lang brings a certain charm with him.


Wish Upon a Thousand Stars

Official poster

What looks to be another BL hit for GMMTV, A Tale of Thousand Stars sets itself up as a fresh take on the genre. Incorporating the sense of civil duty to the environment abd the community, the story is all too familiar for Filipinos.

Moreover, it has already drawn the attention of international spectators. Only time will tell how good the story really is, so here’s to wishing.

The pilot episode for A Tale of Thousand Stars airs on January 29th in GMM 25‘s 08:30 PM timeslot, while the Filipino-dubbed version will premiere on the same date on iWANT TFC in the Philippines.



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All GIFs used in this article were made from, with clips taken from the นิทานพันดาว A Tale of Thousand Stars trailer.

The featured image is courtesy of GMMTV.

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