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Disney is searching for Pinoy lola for a possible Marvel role

Disney is searching for Pinoy lola for a possible Marvel role

To all Marvel fans out there, perhaps this is your chance to get a glimpse of the shooting of an upcoming film. Walt Disney Studios just announced that they are looking for Filipino Lolas or grandmothers to be a part of the Spider-Man 3 movie!

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Looking for Filipino Lolas who can speak English fluently

The American media giant posted that the requirements are female applicants who ate 50 to 90 years of age. They must be either pure Filipino or a mix of Filipino and American. Aside from that, they must be residing in Hawaii and got authorization to work in the United States. It means that they should be either a US citizen, green card holder, or O-1 visa holder. The location for the shoot is in Atlanta, Georgia so it is necessary that Lolas are amenable to traveling.

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Hawaii News Now already reported the same casting call in December 2020. Disney noted that they are not requiring the Pinoy grandmothers to be pro actors. However, they must be fluent English speakers. For screening, they have to send a short introduction clip describing their family or favorite activity. The content can be in either English or Tagalog but the introduction must be in English.

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Further details on the production haven’t been released, but Project Casting cited in a press release that the upcoming Spider-Man 3 film, which is co-produced by Disney’s Marvel Studios, is currently filming and casting in Atlanta.

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