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5 main benefits of having your own coconut tree

5 main benefits of having your own coconut tree

Philippines as of now is one of the best producers of coconut crops and trees around the world. The country can produce an enormous amount of it, reaching 347 million metric tons annually, implying that Filipinos obviously happen to love coconuts.

Coconuts as they said is a gift from God since according to them, it is their own interpretation of a “tree of life“. According to their stories, the tree serves multiple purposes on their lives since it is not only the tree itself which is beneficial but also its fruit and leaves. As a matter of fact, I have enlisted here five (5) main benefits that a human can get while having their own coconut trees near their area.

We’ll start with the use of coconut trees.

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1. Coconut trees can be utilized as a building material for a kubo hut or a house.

Since Philippines always experience hot season during the months of December up until May, it is a must for every Filipino to have their own non-cement houses. During these times, kubo huts are the in-demand solutions and to build it quickly and without exceeding your budget, you can simply use coconut trees to lay the groundwork for your new resting place.

2. It can be an alternative for firewood.

If you are going to visit the Philippines, you will notice that Filipinos are excellent cooks. They are fund of cooking different food, may it be a dish, snacks, sweets or anything else. As they cook their favorite food, one of the fuel sources that they use is the coconut tree. It works well because it burns quickly and it is sometimes long lasting to use. This kind of tree is ideal for us, the Filipinos who occasionally have a feast from now and then.

Now that we are aware of the benefits of a coconut tree, let’s talk about the use of a coconut fruit.

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3. Coconut fruits as an ingredient to a full-course meal.

As I’ve previously stated, Filipinos enjoy cooking and one of their favorite dishes to prepare are food made with coconut fruit. It may be pork, chicken, fish, seafood, or anything else as long as the coconut fruit is always present. In fact, coconut fruit is sometimes labeled as of the main ingredients of the following full-course meals. We have Bicol Express, Laing and many more.

4. It can be a dessert ingredient.

After eating a full course meal, we obviously need some dessert. With also the help of coconut fruit, we can make a buko salad. All we need to have are the following:

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  • Shredded coconut fruit
  • Chilled coconut water
  • Fruit cocktail
  • All-purpose cream
  • Condensed milk
  • Sweetened coconut
  • Green nata de coco
  • Cheese

Once we have all the ingredients, we simply need to combine them and chill them for at least 5 hours before serving.

Delicious, huh? Now, let’s see what can be done with a coconut leaf.

Graphics | Ronalyn Cedullo

5. Its leaves can be used in broomstick production.

Most Filipinos are naturally inventive, as evidenced by the fact that one of their best discoveries in the country is the capability to turn coconut leaves into broomsticks. Aside from it is easy to made, people who find this as a business doesn’t need a lot of capital. All you need is hard work, patience, talent and you’re now ready to go. After all, you can sell a single broomstick costing 20-50 pesos depending on its size and its quality.

It is indeed true that a coconut tree acquires multiple purpose. So, what are you waiting for? Plant now and let yourself see what this tree can really offer to us and to our environment. Remember that “He who plants a tree, plants a hope”.

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