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Plant 101: Tips as a beginner in planting

Plant 101: Tips as a beginner in planting

Your planting journey starts now!

When the pandemic struck, people were so bored in their homes that they couldn’t do any activities. But it taught us to appreciate and discover new hobbies and planting was one of them. Homes turned into plant sanctuaries and became one of the trends during the lockdown. Plantitos and plantitas are what they are called—those who are passionate or just simply want to make their garden better.

Even if you’re just starting or want to continue your hobby, today we’re listing tips for your plantito and plantita life. Tara na and let’s begin!

Observe your space

As a starter, begin with observing your house and space. It is important to know how much space your garden can occupy. If you have plenty of space it’s ideal for you to plant in varieties to show harmony. However, if you’re in a tight space it’s important to maximize the space that you have.

Type of plants you want and need

Planning also comes with choosing plants you need to have. Remember that when choosing, it’s ideal to know their variety and what environment they can live in. For instance, if you have no space outside but still want to have plants in your home. The best decision is indoors because you won’t worry for them, they can survive with a minimal amount of shade.

Sunlight exposure

Water as hydration is important, but sun exposure should be a focus. In your home, find where most of the shade of light comes in and place your plants there. Again, not all plants need too much sun exposure but it’s important that they have the proper amount of shade.

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Commitment in planting

Commitment is the key to successful planting. Please remember that these plants should be maintained and sustained with proper care. Being responsible for your garden results in a successful sanctuary.

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So have you thought of your plans as future plantitos and plantitas? I hope these tips help you to start of your journey. Overall, it’s a great hobby and perfect for those people who appreciate the environment. Apart from hobbies, it can be a therapy to someone. It makes your house bright, cozy and has a good sense of life. 

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