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Why local homemade lip products are the best option for me

Why local homemade lip products are the best option for me

Seasonal allergies are when that time of the year when most flowers bloom, my lips will get dry, itchy, and chapped out of nowhere. My doctor told me to use petroleum jelly to keep my lips moisturized but I couldn’t stand it most of the time! 

When I come to learn how to handle my allergies by those knowing organic ingredients, there’s no stopping me from achieving those precious healthy lips! Plus local and homemade ones are my saviors!

We want it natural, so we go organic!

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Aside from medical treatments and the magic of editing, models also rely on a healthy diet and organic products to keep that glowing skin. It’s like using mulch to grow fresh and flourished plants, all-natural. While with homemade gloss and balms, owners show the ingredients of their products on their social media.

Mixed with the gloss-base or beeswax, are different essential oils that are beneficial for the skin. Natural oils and butter such as coconut oil, sunflower seed, jasmine, Shea butter, and others are proven to give more positive benefits to the skin.

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Sunflower seed oil and coconut oil are good for soothing sunburned skin and healing dark spots. Shea and cocoa butter are very common in beauty products, especially branded ones. Cocoa butter helps keep the elasticity and tone of your lips while Shea butter helps cell regeneration and locks natural moisture in without harming the surface of your skin.

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These ingredients of lip gloss or lip balms are mostly plant-based and have lesser risks of allergic reactions. They are all rich with Vitamin E, K, and other natural fatty acids that can help you achieve that soft, pinkish, plump lips!

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Locally made with love, these lip gloss, and lip balms

Local small business owners usually put extra effort and love and care into the products, especially the handmade ones. They are open about how passionate they make them. What’s your favorite shades from us? We wanna know🥰 Drop yours in the comment section ❤️#fyp #foryou #lipgloss #shopee #shopeefinds #upbeautyph #asmr ♬ How`s Your Day – aAp Vision

Part of the marketing they do on their social media platforms is ASMR packing videos, restocking, and the how-tos. ‘How-to’ are videos on how they make their products, showing their viewers the ingredients and their thoughts while making them. They’re really cute. Their love reflects in the quality products that customers receive on every order.

Love your lips

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No matter what colors you wear or what makeup you do, being healthy should always be on your top list. Remember; lip care is skin care, too!

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