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5 Free Play-to-earn NFT Games You Should Keep an Eye Out

5 Free Play-to-earn NFT Games You Should Keep an Eye Out

Have you ever imagined earning massive money by playing a free game? Well, this imagined idea has turned into reality through recent advancements and with the rise of NFT games.

By associating games with finance, these games feature NFTs—unique digital treasures on the blockchain—that players can sell in-game to other players and collectors. In addition, players can also gain NFTs in some pay-to-earn gaming models. Through this system, players can invest in NFTs, which have the potential to increase in value.

The number of NFT games suddenly emerged throughout the years. However, many of these NFT games are pay-to-earn, requiring players to make financial investments to participate. Therefore, many potential players are looking for alternative NFT games that are free.

Here are some free play-to-earn NFT games you should keep an eye out for in 2022:

Gunship Battle Crypto Conflict

Photo from JOYCITY.

JOYCITY developed Gunship Battle Crypto Conflict functions as a war strategy game. Players can demonstrate their strength in this game by amassing Jets, Ships, Tanks, and Aircraft Carriers. In addition, they can gather special equipment to increase their Combat Power from Normal to Legendary. Moreover, the players can download the game on their Android, iOS, and Windows PC

The game features Titanium, the in-game resource. In this game, the players can earn Titanium via completing Daily Quests, Excavation, Alliance Content, and Ranking Events. Afterward, they can convert Titanium into the MILICO– an in-game token. After that, the players can sell their earned MILICO on the WEMIX exchange.


Photo from Google Play Store.

Based on the Legend of Mir franchise, MIR4 exists as a free play-to-earn game developed by Wemade. This cross-platform game highlights an auto-play system that allows the computer to handle your game-playing. Moreover, it also features multiple playable characters, smooth character animations, and PK/PVP modes. Furthermore, you can download the game on your Windows PC, Mac, Android, and iOS operating systems

MIR4 uses Draco–the blockchain-based utility currency for the game. To obtain Draco, players must mine Darksteel in-game and smelt it. The player can create one (1) Draco by smelting 100,000 Darksteel. 

Thereafter, the players can transfer the Draco to their WeMix wallet. They can also convert MIR4 Draco into e-money using GCash.


Photo from Google Play Store.

Bengga is a free play-to-earn mobile game that features different game modes in the app. Players can gain rewards by participating in various games within its app, including digital items and cryptocurrency. In addition, users can download the game for free from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. 

Using their Bengga coins, the in-app currency, the player can purchase real-world goods like phones, cameras, etc., in the Bengga store. Additionally, the player can buy prepaid loads or pay out via PayMaya or GCash. 

The app’s various mini-games are accessible and interesting for both competitive and casual players. The four game modes are Famer, Jackpot, Battle, and Tourney. Moreover, its user-friendly interface makes it more readily available to all players. 

KOGs: Slum

Photo from Google Play Store.

RFOX Games developed the free play-to-earn NFT game called KOGs Slam. The developer uses the 1990s street game Pogs as the game’s inspiration. Moreover, the players can make and earn money by participating in the game or trading KOGs and NFTs.

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Available on Android and iOS, the game features two in-game currencies: KOIN and RFOX. The player’s KOINs will be used to access the Arena, or buy premium Kogs packs. Additionally, it can be exchanged for RFOX tokens too. RFOX, on the other hand, is the game’s utility coin. 

The players can earn money in this game by trading KOINs, the in-game money, for cryptocurrencies. In line with this, players can earn KOINs by completing daily goals. This includes beating bosses and winning ranking matches. Thereafter, the players in the Philippines can cash out their KOGs SLAM KOINs to GCash.

Yulgang Global

Photo from Google Play Store.

Yulgang Global is a play-to-earn mobile MMORPG that uses Tigon Mobile’s primary intellectual property rights on Wemix. The game uses Yul-Hyul-Gang-Ho, a Korean martial arts manga, as inspiration. 

Available on Android and iOS devices, the game features seven classes. This includes Warden, Sabre, Lancer, Doctor, Assassin, and Warlock. Additionally, this also highlights Boxer, an additional class. Moreover, YulGang Global features TIG, the game’s utility token. The players can obtain this coin by taking part in the game. In addition, this coin can be traded for a predetermined number of Crystal, an essential in-game resource. These crystals can be utilized as the Inner Armor, Docile Mount Spirits, Blessing Card, and many more. 

The players can get paid in this game by trading Crystals for TIG. Players can obtain Crystal by accomplishing daily missions, participating in the cross-server conquest of Demonhunter Cave, and collecting crystals in Dragon Cave. Consequently, players in the Philippines can withdraw their TIG using GCash

All the games listed above are just some free play-to-earn NFTs games you can play on your devices. With these games, the player is not required to invest in something or to put money into the game. However, if you tend to exert money on the game, you will get extra perks like strengthening your character. If not, just as I said above, you can still enjoy the game and earn money. 

Indeed, the future of gaming may lie in free-to-earn NFT games. This evolution allows gamers to enjoy and make money while playing games in the comfort of their homes.
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