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NFT Art: Where your works have a value

NFT Art: Where your works have a value


People often say that you cannot earn money with arts and that choosing a career that can give you cash is better.

But little did they know, as we venture into the digital world, a simple artwork you draw on your paper or create using a PowerPoint can acquire money through NFT Art.

What is NFT Art?

NFT Art stands for “Non-Fungible Token,” a collectible digital asset on the blockchain that is unique, and non-transferable.

NFT secures and protects artworks through blockchain technology.

It establishes artwork’s ownership through a transaction in the NFT marketplace that comes with a digital certificate.

It is like buying a painting but through cryptocurrency.

For an NFT Artist

Karla Angela Banzuelo, also known as “Matchasaur” in the NFT Art Community, after nine years of being a Traditional and Digital Artist, decides to make NFTs last January.

She joined NFT Art to encourage others that they do not need expensive gadgets to create artwork and make it valuable.

“My art style is simple cartoon/doodle style made from PPT.”

Karla makes artwork through MS PowerPoint Presentation, where she utilizes the program’s features to create a masterpiece.

Making NFT art also helps her cope with stress due to academics.

The Benefits

For Karla, there is no difference between making art for NFTs and Traditional ones, for you can mint and sell them both in the marketplace.

But for her, the incredible thing that NFT does is that it makes her accessible and has given her exposure to potential clients and collectors. report said that Artists are making money from selling NFTs where they earn over $15 up to $67 billion during the 2021 primary and secondary sales on the Ethereum blockchain.

Karla thinks that this is an excellent platform to gain something from what you create, but for artists who want to make and sell NFTs, her advice is,

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“They need to read and learn more about cryptocurrency and the stock market. However, NFT is not just about profits; it’s a lifetime commitment and dedication.”

NFT Artists Community

What Karla loves more about creating NFTs is that the community of artists here is friendly and supportive.

“Local and international artists are very nice and supportive. They love to help each other by sharing posts and also collecting NFTs,” she said.

She met new close friends from both local and international NFT communities.

You can buy her works at Paras Marketplace and OpenSea.

Likewise, you can check other NFTs at Rarible, SuperRare, VIV3, NFT ShowRoom, Nifty Gateway, BakerySwap, and Axie Marketplace.

Let your artworks have value in NFTs!

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