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4 Signs of Being A True Introvert

4 Signs of Being A True Introvert

Don’t be ashamed of being an introvert. We’re all different, so what makes you happy and comfortable that’s what you go with. Introversion is known as an introverted personality type. That means you focus more on your inner thoughts and ideas. You prefer more to self-reflection rather than what’s happening externally.

Learn the four signs of being a true introvert:

Feel comfortable being alone

You like and feel more comfortable even when you’re alone. You’re not looking for the attention of others to accompany you. When there are many people around you, you’re restless and uncomfortable, but when you’re alone, you can breathe more and feel yourself more. You’re happy being alone because even when you’re alone, you can do what you want better. After all, no one complains about you.

Prefer to write rather than talk

It’s easier for you to express your thoughts or yourself through writing. You can feel more comfortable sharing your thoughts, feelings, or ideas by writing them down than talking. You’re uncomfortable or unable to share yourself, or you don’t like to say out loud to others while others prefer to say ideas out loud.

Need silence to concentrate

You feel like you can’t think straight when there’s noise around you. You are irritated by noise, so your brain doesn’t work well to think wisely. So being an introvert, you prefer a quiet place to come up with an idea and think properly. You require silence to concentrate on yourself.

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Take time making decisions

Being an introvert, you value giving time to think or make a decision. For you, it will be more wisely; and effective, and you will have the best decisions when you take your time and don’t rush. You develop more critical thinking and agree with the flow of the decision-making process. So you immediately know that you will not go the wrong way and that your decision-making may be destructive because you take time to think.

Where you feel yourself is what you should follow, don’t let yourself be forced just to fit in or keep up with others. In your life lately, do you feel like this? or maybe you’re already a true introvert?

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