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Men: Best Hairstyles for ‘Taglamig’

Men: Best Hairstyles for ‘Taglamig’


Nothing beats a hairstyle that suits you perfectly, whatever season it may be. Even if it is a taglamig in the Philippines. And that season is just right around the corner. So, if you still don’t know what hairstyle to rock for a taglamig, worry not because we got you guys covered.

Men’s Best Hairstyles for ‘Taglamig’

Side Part

The sophisticated 60s hairstyle will never go out of style baby! A smooth, shiny look with a deep side part and the volume of the hair combed over at one side never loses its classy vintage look. Add a fade or style as Leonardo DiCaprio did in The Great Gatsby, and you will look exceptional on your way.

Slicked Back

I call this hairstyle a Peaky Blinders haircut. This 1950 retro greaser bad boy look should be on your list. The hair should be brushed back with a loser style yet volumized. Choose a strong pomade with plenty of shine for a classic look. But, if the hair lacks volume, style it with a bit of wax, mousse, or cream. You will instantly look like a gentleman!

Faded Undercut

Undoubtedly one of the most popular hairstyles in the Philippines is the Faded Undercut. For days when you don’t feel like making an effort, this style allows you to wear your hair up or down. It has the feature of both an undercut and a fade. So, it has a longer length of hair on top, while the sides and back give the illusion of fading hair when cut accurately. Since this style is neat, fresh, and easy to style, you should now be able to understand why it is popular.

See Also

Man Bob

Whether you have long hair or planning to grow one, do not cut it short. Man Bob hairstyle got you covered! This hairstyle is super easy to manage. Have shoulder-length hair or longer, then just tuck it in behind your ear, and voila! You are good to go.

Buzz Cut

Over the years, men have always favored this very-short hairstyle that gives military vibes. It features a short haircut that is clipper-trimmed uniformly all over the head. Buzz cut gives your head a more rounded appearance, which is best for your jawline and overall gives your face a more balanced appearance.

Being confident in both yourself and your hair makes the first step to pulling off any hairstyle!

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