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Guide to Surviving that Nerve-Racking “Meet the Parents” Dinner

Guide to Surviving that Nerve-Racking “Meet the Parents” Dinner

meeting the parents

Heights. The ocean. Spiders. Enclosed spaces. These are all nothing compared to the jitters that you will feel during that dreaded “meet the parents” dinner, amirite?

Since you are reading this article, I assume your own battle is just around the corner and you need some advice? Well, coming from someone who braced that battlefield, I can assure you that there are things you can do so you can come home victorious, and even with some pabalot from tita herself!  

Below are five tips that can help in order to survive meeting your significant other’s parents.

Prepare ahead of the dinner

Before the day of the dinner, ask your partner about their parents. Know their interests, their hobbies, and some details that could initiate conversations. You can also buy gifts such as food, drinks, or even housewares if you really want to play safe. 

meet the parents
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Aside from that, plan your outfit and makeup look as early as you can. The secret to staying fresh is to not rush the process. Moreover, this will also give you ample time to contemplate your choices and make decisive conclusions.

Be polite

Once you are at the location, practice your ‘pos’ and ‘opos,’ your ‘thank yous’ and your ‘you’re welcomes’ as you will need to use them a lot.

meet the parents
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Believe me, this is effective! Basic etiquette can take you places. And besides, who would not adore a person who knows how to practice respect even just in simple family dinners?

Know how to and what to ask

By the time the dinner’s ongoing, you can now use what you have learned from your partner beforehand. When you can feel that awkwardness is starting to occupy the room, it is now your turn to ask your S.O.’s parents about them. After all, the gathering is not just all about you. 

meet the parents
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In asking the questions, you should show the same enthusiasm that they have in knowing the person who captured their child’s affection, a.k.a. you. Additionally, know which questions to ask and how to ask them. Show that you are interested by asking follow-up questions, if and only if, they are applicable to the situation. 

Laugh, relax, and have a good time

The whole point of meeting your partner’s parents is to show that you care. Most of the time, this is best served by laughing along to their dad’s jokes and agreeing to their mom’s rants.

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meet the parents
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Be present and show that you are actually having fun. So take that deep breath, smile, relax, and have a good time.   

Be your effin’ self

Yes, I know you have probably heard this in every possible way that it can be said, but it still speaks volumes to this day. Sometimes we forget that there are lovable things within us, and as a result, we tend to hide them.

meet the parents

Let it be different this time, sis! Give them the opportunity to see and know who you really are. Who knows?  Maybe it will all be worth it in the end.

You got all that? Those are some of the tips that can help to overcome the butterflies when you meet your partner’s parents. Let us know if we were able to help!

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