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3 Trendy Apps to send your Anonymous texts

3 Trendy Apps to send your Anonymous texts

Messaging can be a bit taxing, especially when your identity is blatant. I mean, who would really scream a thought to your crush in text, right? In the online space, having the guts to profess doesn’t go the best at most. So, you need a true companion.

With a little aid from anonymous applications, you can now ask and answer queries. Unrequited ideas that you find hard to express. Thanks to these outlets we can now all delve into excitement in sending messages knowing we are fully cloaked.

3 Trendy Apps to send your Anonymous texts


More suitable for Instagram stories and Facebook My Days, NGL, or abbreviations of Not Gonna Lie is here to stay. Through and through, this anonymous messaging platform allows the direct opportunities to make outside questions.

Having a tough time forming sensible statements? Worry no more, NGL is built for short but quirky texts. By providing users the chance to get questions from anons, surely, the thrill won’t expire.


To articulate your confessions into paragraphs is a hurdle, indeed. It can be altered to an extent, great there’s Say Out to help you be at ease. You can literally access free features to continue your way to that beloved response.

Moreover, the application needs third-party involvement so it can be communicated in full transparency. You see, Say Out is a good way to address queries, it just needs a grounding for feedback. Cute and pristine, this platform curates the world of anonymity to live on.

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Curious Cat

At last, CC or Curious Cat is the cream of the crop of anonymous messaging. From having a reliable response dashboard to unique user links. You will never get second thoughts trying your meow and purr to this one.

Dub as one of the pioneers for the anon community, CC transverses from beta upgrades. Since it is independently developed, the app has various jump versions. Now, it operates as new for iOS and other devices than desktops.

I know how difficult it is to channel your inner thoughts into words. A little helping push here and there and you will truly surpass the doubt, anonymously just as now.

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