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IG Raid: Kelsey Merritt Black and White Outfits

IG Raid: Kelsey Merritt Black and White Outfits

Kelsey Merritt, a 26-year-old Filipino-American model is famous for being the first-ever Filipino who walked in the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. If you’ve been following her on Instagram for quite some time now, you would probably know how much she loves wearing neutral outfits. Of course, these include the classic- black and white!

So, I’m sharing with you my favorite photos of Kelsey Merritt wearing black and white outfits.

Kelsey Merritt in her casual yet classy outfit

This photo was taken in Paris, France. Her outfit totally matched the Europe aesthetic. It was classy, elegant, and very sophisticated. Her white jacket from Anine Bing elevated her whole look. Also, her black Hermes bag and YSL sunglasses were definitely perfect as an accent to her entire fit.

Winter Classics

This photo screams ‘model-off-duty-look-but-its-winter’. This outfit is a balance between black and white. The black belt and boots definitely completed the whole fit. She looked chic and stylish without compromising her comfort.

Skiing but make it stylish

Kelsey Merritt proved that you can still be fashionably pretty even when you’re out for an extreme adventure just like skiing. Her high-waisted black pants definitely elongated her originally long legs. I love the jacket! Also, the headband is just perfect and made the entire outfit look stylish as ever!

Coffee Run

You can never go wrong with a black mini-skirt! Paired with this comfy sweater and black loafers, this outfit totally looked lovely on Kelsey. Even just on a coffee run, you can still look chic and stylish just like what Kelsey did.

Date Night

This outfit totally looked sexy! The accessories are just perfect. Also, the white turtle neck top and the black stilettos were definitely a great match! I definitely love her look!

Summer Neutral

My favorite photo in this series! The co-ord set matches well with her black swimsuit and funky slipper.

Basic to Extra

Kelsey can definitely make a basic outfit into a stylish one! And this photo just proved it. With only a Black sleeveless top and white pants, she elevated the whole look with the right accessories and a cardigan on top of her shoulders.

Kelsey Merritt can totally rock any outfit! Well, what do you expect? Of course, she’s a fashion model and she definitely knows what she’s doing.

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