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Y2k shops on Instagram that will give you Pinterest vibes

Y2k shops on Instagram that will give you Pinterest vibes

Filipinos love fashion. It is their form of self-expression as when they wear clothes they are comfortable with, it makes them feel themselves. They believe that fashion comes through clothes and on the other hand, the style will depend on and go along with the person. In fact, in today’s generation where a lot of individuals, especially teenagers are too obsessed to fit the word “aesthetic,” more and more type of clothing is evolving.

It can be available at malls near you or from the internet branded as Y2k shops on Facebook, Instagram, Shopee, and even Tiktok. It’s absolutely undeniable that we, humans are really into fashion and style. It is just in our nature and honestly, it is fun matching different types of clothing, no one can deny that.

Y2k shops on Instagram that will give you Pinterest vibes

Buy Wear Slay |

Buy Wear Slay is a Philippine-based Instagram shop run by Kristel Calatin. It has a number of 841 posts and a thread of 71.2k followers.

Photo courtesy | Buy Wear Slay

Her business started in 2015 and up until now, she’s still making her buyers’ closet into a magic wardrobe. With her wide imagination and her aesthetic pieces, she already managed to tuition herself at school by just having her own thrift shop. She sells brand new and thrifted clothes as long as it fits her personal style called minimalist and Y2k. Now, if you are in need of Y2k, retro, and 90’s vintage outfits, then it’s time for you to follow these shops.

Marj’s Favorite and Thrifted by Bratz |
@marjsfavorite and @thrifted_by_bratz

Both Marj’s Favorite and Thrifted by Bratz are Bicol-based and are managed by twin sisters named Marj and Maxine Villaflor.

Photo courtesy | Marj’s Favorite
Photo courtesy | Thrifted by Bratz

Marj’s account now reached 10.5k followers while Maxine’s account already had 13.2k followers. Both of their shops offer outfits from brands like Dickies, Christian Dior, Von Dutch, Juicy Couture, Bebe, Play DCG, Ikea, Levis, Champion, and many more. Their items may be in a form of a baby tee, polo crop top, tank tops, and even shirts. Aside from this, they also sell bottom clothes like shorts, skirts (minis), and pants.

Of all their cute and Y2k-inspired items, they finally make a lot of celebrities and social media influencers buy them. Some of them are Andrea Brilliantes, Sofia Pablo, Christine Samson, Mika Salamanca, Ashley Garcia, and many more. Cute right? Yet, here’s another Bicol-based shop that you need to stalk.

Retro Finds |

Retro Finds only started last year yet, they already have a thousand followers. It is owned by Xerxes Balisalisa, Noel John Sales, and Karen Delgaco of Nabua, Camarines Sur.

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Photo courtesy | Retro Finds

With all their unisex Y2k and retro pieces, they just sold a Christian Dior top costing 7,000 pesos. Also, they are selling Y2k bags such as Von Dutch and many more. Last but not the least, let us take a glance at Vintage Chic’s IG feed.

Vintage Chic |

Vintage Chic is a Baguio-based shop on Instagram and it is run by Marvie Macatulad at a very young age. She has over 16.5k followers as she posts hand-painted pants all over her feed.

Photo courtesy | Vintage Chic

Since Baguio is a cold place, she sells, upcycles, and reworks different types of clothing into a much more comfortable and warmer top or bottom. Mostly, all of her collections include blazers, cardigans, jackets, sweaters, pants, high boots, and bags that are perfect to wear in her hometown.

Each and every piece of clothing in their IG feed doesn’t cost that much. But, it will basically spice and level up your basic OOTDs. So, shop now and let your Pinterest heart go lively.

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