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3 Masculine Haircuts That Would Look Good On Everyone


3 Masculine Haircuts That Would Look Good On Everyone

Three haircuts out of two hundred are featured in this article. These three styles are what I personally think would look good on everyone. Yes, everyone — because not only men can look good in these haircuts. May this become an in-depth guide for your next do! Find the best that suits you and show it to your barber to make it a reality! 

3 Masculine Haircuts That Would Look Good On Everyone


Sometimes subtle, sometimes striking, a fade essentially features a next-level short back and sides. It’s actually a form of tapering the hair. But, the hair remains cut drastically lower than a regular taper cut. The hair also gradually tapers into nothing from the head’s upper recession to the nape of the neck, giving it a spray-painted effect. The term fade originates in Black-owned barbershops and has become the popular term for this type of cut. 

MID RAZOR FADE (@steady_clippin21 | Instagram)
FADE UNDERCUT (@mhtaclinic | Instagram)
MID FADE HAIRCUT LONG ON TOP (@midas_irv | Instagram)


Hair trends may be fun for a moment. But, they can’t compare to the endurance of a classic haircut. There are tons of classic hairstyles that anyone can replicate. However, the french crop takes the cake. It suits most face shapes and leaves length in the fringe. Aside from that, it remains a low-maintenance style perfect for someone who is always on the go. Meanwhile, anyone can wear it without any styling product, just letting it fall naturally into place. 

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There are so many styles of military haircuts. Of course, this includes the military high and tight haircut, the regulation haircut, the undercut haircut, the Ivy League, and the buzz cut. As a military haircut, the typical buzz cut may look good on every single one. Barbers use low-guard clippers around the sides of the head. Meanwhile, the top of the head has only about an inch-long hair. 

BUZZ CUT FADE (@vinicius.rodriguez.barber | Instagram)
MILITARY BUZZ CUT (@dietmarherbert | Instagram)
GROWN OUT BUZZ CUT (@only.downey | Instagram)

Having a good haircut helps me to boost my confidence to face people in public. Looking neat in public is a plus point for everyone! How about you? Let us know which haircuts would you like to try out!

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