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Your Barbie Dreams Will Come True With Quielle’s Butterfly Necklaces

Your Barbie Dreams Will Come True With Quielle’s Butterfly Necklaces

The butterfly necklaces perfectly emulate the necklaces seen in Fairytopia and Mermaidia. Get one, and feel like a true fairy, or a mermaid!

Photo Credits: Instagram/@quielle_

Quielle, Giving a Fairytale Twist to Jewelry

Quielle is a 6-year-old brand that gained its popularity through the e-commerce platform, Shopee. They specialize in dainty pieces that are perfect for everyone. Quielle also went viral several times when they release game, tv, and movie-inspired pieces. For instance, the  Naruto, BTS, and Sailor Moon Collections had fans raving for their pieces. What makes Quielle impressive, is its speed at releasing new designs. It shows that the brand listens to its consumers intently. Thus, their lightning-speed releases grew their brand exponentially as they now have pieces available that make it inevitable to not have a favorite piece from their collections.

Claim your Wings with Quielle

This year, Quielle released their Barbie Fairytopia collection. Their first release was the rainbow butterfly necklace that is making us feel all sorts of nostalgia. We all tried to wear a random necklace and imagined fairy wings growing out of our backs. No? Just me? Alright. Well other than the rainbow butterfly that completely sold out upon the first release, Quielle eventually released a bigger collection of butterfly necklaces inspired by the individual characters from Fairytopia. They have the most glimmering jewels set on the butterfly wings, and of course they just shine. Perfect for matching necklaces, or a collection just for yourself.

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Quielle’s Collections are Simply Gorgeous

As extravagant as some pieces of Quielle’s are, on the other hand, they also allow customers to have a choice in some of their pieces that are up for customization. Giving their jewelry significant meaning to those who get theirs engraved. Perfect for friends, lovers, families, and yourself.  Minimalist beauties are also fast selling from their collections. The dainty pieces just highlight your outfit well. Like a smidge of sparkle to an already gorgeous person like you, for instance. Quielle’s variety allows everyone to appreciate the brand as something that provides them with personal pieces that resonate with every consumer.

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