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Creating Artsy Accessories: Sinilaya

Creating Artsy Accessories: Sinilaya

Sinilaya, a local small business, offers a variety of accessories that can help you enhance your outfit and your look. Now, you don’t have to worry about looking plain and simple. Let’s get to know more about them.

What is Sinilaya?

“From the name itself ‘Sinilaya’ which means Sining na Mapagpalaya we let our customers design their necklaces based on their creativity.”

Veronica Louis Gannaban
Resin Art Accessories | Sinilaya

The unique thing about Sinilaya is that the accessories they do are handmade and the designs is customizable depending on the chosen style of the buyer. 

Veronica started her business last January 2021 during COVID-19 pandemic. This was not her first business but it, unfortunately, did not work out.

She tried to run a business out of her passion, which is creating handicrafts. This helps her to get through the stress caused by the pandemic. Making art makes her happy and she also gets to finance her studies because of this.

She designed the accessories on her own using UV resin, dried flowers, and gold-plated stainless-steel materials. She aims to bring the love, passion, and freedom of art craft close to our customers.

Most of the time, Veronica runs it alone. However, her boyfriend is so supportive that he volunteered to help her in delivering orders nationwide.

Reaching Sinilaya

Since Covid-19 started, most people uses social media to reach out to their loved ones. Sinilaya take it as an opportunity to reach more audiences, of any age and any gender, and to promote their business.

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They have social media accounts on Instagram @Sinilaya, Facebook page @Sinilaya, and Tiktok account @sinilaya. Aside from that they also have an e-commerce site, Shopee, which is very helpful in increasing their sales.

Sinilaya had a partnership with ABS-CBN artists like Criza Taa and Shanaia Gomez from the reality show Pinoy Big Brother.

Get Inspired by A Small Business Owner

“Starting is the first step to getting to your goals but it’s not gonna be an instant success, you have to work harder and smarter. “

Veronica Louis Gannaban

Starting a business is not just about earning, it is about being passionate about what you are doing. There’s a lot of times that you will have some wrong decisions, a chance that you might get scammed, and some things may not work according to your plans, but it should never hinder you from reaching your goal. Take them as an opportunity to learn more and be better next time. It might be a long process for some people but as you continue, you can see how much you’ve grown from your first try.

Be consistent, persistent, and patient at the same time.

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