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Why Did I Fall In Love With Playing The Pool?

Why Did I Fall In Love With Playing The Pool?

I’m not sure either. It’s only been less than a month since I tried playing the pool. More or less, I’ve played around ten rounds. It doesn’t change a thing, though. I still look forward to holding the cue stick and playing. I feel alive just from hearing the sound of the balls hitting each other.

Sometimes, I wonder—why did I fall in love with playing the pool?

Is it the thrill of winning?

Maybe I love the fun of winning and doing efforts to win? You see, you won’t win a round just with skills—you need extra luck sometimes. It feels so thrilling whenever it is your opponent’s turn. It’s like you’re praying that they don’t get to pocket any object balls.

Then, when it’s your turn, you try your best to angle your shot well. Lucky if you’re able to pocket the right object balls! Unfortunate if you don’t. On top of that, there’s no points system in the pool gameplays that I’ve been introduced to, so it is less likely to be this thrilling at every shot.

But why, I still ask myself, did I fall in love with playing the pool?

Was it the way the game is played?

The pool was introduced to me with the easier gameplay—the 1-15. It’s not what it’s legally called, though, but the thought is pretty much the same. You would need to pocket the object balls from 1 to 15. It’s easy, but the game turns a little long since you would need to focus on one object ball at a time.

However, it is fun to block your opponent’s view of the right object ball sometimes. It feels satisfying to be able to pocket a couple of object balls one after another. This 1-15 gameplay is perfect for beginners and people who will try the pool for the first time. It’s fun, perfect for practice, and the rules are simple!

Trying the real mechanics for the first time, I was a little lost. It’s 8-ball Pool, which is actually how the game should be played. The players will try to pocket either a Solid ball or a Stripe ball, whichever is assigned to them.

The first player will do the break, the first shot of the game, and this will determine who will get the Stripes or Solids. If the first player did not pocket any object balls, the other player will try and pocket any object balls. Whether that player pockets a Solid or Stripe ball will determine which is assigned to each other.

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Beware of the 8 ball, though! You may pocket any Solids or Stripes ball you want, but in this game, the 8 ball should always be the last. If a player prematurely pocketed an 8 ball, then that player will lose the game. Additionally, if you also pocket the cue ball (the white one) along with or after the 8 ball, you will also lose the game. A little tragic, right?

Maybe it’s the fun of your opponent losing?

Admit it or not, it is really fun to see your opponent losing in a pool game. Even better, it’s really fun to see them have a scratch shot, a shot where the cue ball is pocketed. Once this happens, you will have the cue ball in hand. You will be able to place the cue ball anywhere on the pool table. It will be easier to pocket an object ball that way! Seeing your opponent make a bad roll sometimes really makes the playing experience a hundred times more fun!

Oh, I think I know now…

To be honest, playing the pool is a great date idea, especially for introverts like me. It always seems like no one else in the world matters, except the two of you, battling each other. At the end of the day, I realized, that may be the reason why I love playing the pool is that I love the person I’m playing it with.

To the person who has introduced me to this addictive world of the pool, thank you and I love you so much! I can’t wait to play with you (and beat you) again soonest!

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