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GAMER SPOTLIGHT – Tito Gaming – Marvel Super War

GAMER SPOTLIGHT – Tito Gaming – Marvel Super War

MOBA games hit their peak upon the release of Mobile Legends by Moonton, but with the craze around the Marvel Cinematic Universe, NetEase released a game a year ago called Marvel Super War. You may be hearing this for the first time as their marketing department doesn’t spread the word as aggressively as other MOBA games that are currently out there, but with its first several months it garnered attention despite user statements say that this is an Onmyoji Arena reskin.

Fancy Skin for Storm

Marvel Super War (MSW) is much like its counterpart but this time with Marvel icons such as Black Widow, Captain America, and the Hulk. There are currently 67 playable characters with its newest addition, Iron Fist.

GAMER SPOTLIGHT – Tito Gaming – Marvel Super War

Fans outcry (especially in the United States) when they learned that MSW is not released globally, and is only available in selected countries: South Korea, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, the Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macao, and India.

The latest addition, the Iron Fist.

Gamer Spotlight – Tito Gaming

Marvel Super War attracted a dozen game streamers in the mix and we’re thankful (as I am an avid MSW player) that these gamers brought the MSW community in a new light.

But one particular gamer caught our eye, Tito Gaming. Tito Gee, his nickname, gave us the opportunity to interview him.

Tito Gaming

How did you start becoming a game streamer? And why of all games, you chose Marvel Super War?

“I’ve been playing video games for as long as I remember. Maaga ako naging gamer. Naaalala ko pa pumupunta pa ako sa kapitbahay para makilaro ng Family Computer or minsan mag akyat bakod para sa piso pisong Arcade games. Sobra ako nag eenjoy pag nag lalaro ng video games, madami nakikila, nagiging kaibigan, kakulitan at katawanan habang nag lalaro. Tapos yung sa becoming a streamer… One day naisip ko lang gumawa ng page at subukan mag live then pag mag lalaro ako stream ko lang tapos from there nag tuloy tuloy na. Why MSW? I chose and stayed because of the community. I am also a big fan of MARVEL Comics and Multiplayer Online Battle Arena Video Games tapos pinag sama yung dalawa kaya ayun shoot sa balde pasok sa banga. Hahaha!”

With MSW’s game structure, which role you like the most? Marksman, Support, Mid, Top, or Jungle?

“Ok lang ako any role. Wag lang Jungle. Hahaha!”

Who are your main characters do you use in MSW?

“Wala naman ako Main sa game pero every role may comfort pick lang tayo except jungle role ayaw ko talaga ng role na yan.”

Mid: Iron man, Top: Hulk, Marksman: Gambit, Support: Cloak and Dagger

What inspired you to name yourself Tito Gaming? I mean, aside from the age. Is there a story behind it?

“As mentioned earlier maaga ako naging gamer and maaga din ako naging Tito, I do have a total of 12 pamangkins and I am very close to all of them sila na din yung una kong mga viewers every time I play games long before I started streaming. Yun talaga ang nag inspire sa akin na gawin page name ang Tito Gaming.”

Aside from PC gaming, he also plays on the console and mostly on mobile.

Aside from gaming, can you tell us about you and other hobbies or activities that you do?

“I love listening to music, play guitar, watch movies and play with my Golden Retriever. Before the pandemic gusto ko din mag travel, play basketball, cycling and surfing kaya lang hindi pa magawa ulit ang mga ‘yan.”

A lot of gamers are highly toxic and tend to trash talk, how do you handle these types of players?

“The MSW community is awesome although sometimes may mga naliligaw talaga na toxic players. What I do is I just ignore them and mute them focus na lang sa game.”

Lastly, some players are considering MSW a dead game, in your opinion, what do you think MSW can improve on? Suggestions from a gamer’s point of view.

“This is not just my opinion but the community as well. The game needs to attract more players with more marketing such as Ads, more MSW events from NetEase (the developers), more tournaments, stable ping/servers, make it global, release big name characters/teams and also continuous improvement on the visuals and overall gaming experience.”

You can follow Tito Gaming through his official Facebook page.

Passionate Guilds

There are talks of a deteriorating player base due to the lack of releasing more famous characters such as Cyclops, Wolverine, Apocalypse, and Jean Grey. Instead, they opted to release secondary or non-streamlined characters such as Pixie, War Tiger, and Luna Snow.

But most players of this game are so passionate about Marvel, they just kept on playing the game. These characters were relatable and brought back a ton of childhood memories or just plain obsessive love for anything Marvel.

Out of the Wakandan battlefields emerged two cool-looking guilds that are beginning to create a name for themselves: Trident Esports and Galactic Guardians.

Trident Esports (TE) started since Season Zero of MSW or even back in the beta days headed by its guild leader, whitelighter11. You’ll notice their members thru their IGN sporting a trident logo before their name.

While the Galactic Guardians (GG) is an up-and-coming guild that spawned whole new sorts of players dedicated to the game itself and is currently lead by its guild leader, Mamba. Their IGNs are prefixed with GG on them.

Aside from the faceless camaraderie these guilds have, they encourage their members to join their respective discord servers to take advantage of the voice system in place. This allows players to communicate better than just chatting their tactical strategies in-game.

I hope to see you all on the Wakandan battlefield!

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