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Why Blackpink Jennie is the idol of idols

Why Blackpink Jennie is the idol of idols

Blackpink Jennie debuted on August 8, 2016, under YG Entertainment. Despite being a rookie at that time, their stage presence is incomparable. That’s why they have been very famous even before their debut.

They became well known right away. Due to this, lots of brands from local and international hired them as an ambassador.

Jennie | Soundcloud

Blackpink Jennie, being the unofficial center of the group, gathered the attention of netizens. Some hated her for being the Jennie Ruby Jane that they can never be. However, lots of people adore her and love her.

Are you a fan of Kpop? Are you a blink and still waiting for their comeback? Well, you might as well read this to know who’s the idol of the idols. Your favorite group may also be a fan of her, little did you know!

Kpop idols who are fans of Blackpink Jennie

Jennie was crowned Korea’s It Girl because of her influence. She’s also called “human Chanel” since almost all of her clothes are from Chanel.

Jennie | Zoom

Since she is one of the most influential Korean idols, most of her co-idols are also her biggest fans. After her solo debut and the release of her album “Solo”, most Korean idols dance to her song.

Nmixx, a Korean girl group that just debuted is one of the most talented in the 4th generation idols. 6 out of 7 members, Jinni, Lily, Sullyoon, Bae, Kyujin, and Jiwoo, chose Jennie as their idol from Blackpink.

Also Yeeun of CLC, Youi of Dreamnote, Leeseo of Ive, Aisha of Everglow, Hyewon of Izone, Dana of Hot Issue, Yiren of Everglow, Nana of Woo Ah, Nancy of Momoland, and many more.

Aside from that, she’s close to one of the most well-known in Kpop such as Irene and Yeri from Red Velvet, Nayeon from Twice, Jackson from Got 7, Mino and Seunghoon from Winner, Somi, and G-dragon from Bigbang.

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Most sought after Korean idol

With charisma, stage presence, talent, character, personality, and a beautiful face, Jennie became the most sought after Korean idol.

Jennie | Calvin Klein

Lots of brands all over the world wanted to work with Jennie of Blackpink. She endorses brands like Chanel, Calvin Klein, Gentle Monster, Hera, KT Corporation, Lotte Confectionery, even the soju brand Chum-Churum and more.

Even after gaining popularity, she stays humble and loves to interact with her fans through her YouTube channel.

Everyone is waiting for their comeback stage and I am sure they will rock the entire Kpop industry!

Stan Blackpink Jennie now!

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