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Tala Nation goes international as some KPop idols danced to it

Tala Nation goes international as some KPop idols danced to it


Tala fever is still on and it goes beyond as what we expected — some Korean Pop Idols performed the iconic song of Sarah G!

Last Sunday, January 25, the group WINNER performed the song during their Winner Cross Tour. The group’s main dancer Hoony started the performance alone dancing along the track. Later on, the whole group — with Mino, Jinu and Yoon danced the chorus together.

Former 2NE1 member and their label mate Sandara Park was also there. In her Instagram acoount, she expressed her amazement and support for the group.

Teacher Georcelle, one of the famous dancers and dance choreographers in the Philipppines, commented on Dara’s post.

What we never knew is that after a couple of days, the Pambansang Krung-Krung posted her own version of Tala. She even performed it with Teacher Georcelle in G-Force studio. Daebak!

The legendary song even entered the U.S. World Digital Billboard Charts at 12th spot last January 17. The song was released back then 2016 but went viral at latter 2019.

Indeed Sarah G’s Tala is not just for the Philippines, it can go beyond boundaries as like its lyrics says, aabutin natin ang mga tala.

Share us your own version of Tala dance craze!

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