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The Boys: Where Superheroes are the Actual Villains

The Boys: Where Superheroes are the Actual Villains

In the context of superheroes, the mind immediately goes to the Avengers or Justice League. Sometimes they could be anti-heroes like Deadpool or the Suicide Squad. However, what if the superheroes are the actual villains?

The Boys, a TV series released in 2019, shows that superheroes, or Supes, can definitely be the antagonists of the story. Two seasons have passed, and the third one is ongoing. There are eight episodes per season, and they are all filled with death, politics, sex, and a whole bunch of curses.

The Supes

The first impression you are going to have about the Supes, or the superpowered individuals in the series are that they are an imitation of the Justice League. They are dubbed The Seven and are deemed as heroes (borderline gods) by the general public. They are under the control of a corporation called Vought International aka the evil mastermind. Just kidding, but not really. It is a powerful brand that monetizes the Supes and manipulates literally everything and everyone within their grasp. However, unlike Justice League or other groups of superheroes that we are familiar with, they are, in a nutshell, super but not heroes.

Amazon reveals 'The Boys' Season 3 premieres on June 3rd
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Their captain, Homelander, is a psychopathic, evil imitation of Superman. They both carry the same title of being the leaders of their team. Both of them can fly, have super-strength, can shoot lasers with their eyes, and are ultimately loved and worshipped by all. Until you realize Homelander is nowhere near Superman. He is a murderer, a liar, and he was not even born. He was created in the lab. Probably a factor why he has no sense of humanity at all.

His second-in-command, Queen Maeve, follows the image of Wonder Woman. Except she is also very much an accomplice to the corruption of Vought International. But in comparison to Homelander, she is actually much more tamed. However, she mostly keeps to herself since she cannot speak up about the evil that is Vought. Mostly because she is scared of losing her influence and power. But she tries to do it secretly with the help of The Boys. Also, she is bisexual so that also adds to the pressure and fear of being discovered especially because she is a Supe and a woman at that.

Starlight, a relatively new addition to their team, is an actually good person. Her power is, as her name implies, connected to lights. She can control them and use them as she wants. Out of everyone in their team, she is the one who really tries to help other people and bring down Vought. You might ask, if she hated them that much, then why become one? As I have mentioned earlier, Vought manipulates everyone into thinking that the Supes are good people. They package them into celebrities because what they value are a good PR and a huge profit.

Other members of the Seven include Black Noir, a mysterious assassin (I know, assassins are supposed to be mysterious, but he is a bit more extra because he literally never speaks), the Deep, a disgusting creature of the sea, A-Train, a super speedster on steroids, and also a new addition, now dead, Stormfront, an influencer who turned out to be a white supremacist. Literally a Nazi. Glad she’s gone.

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In summary, God bless the citizens in their universe. Imagine having superheroes as the actual villains? Jeez.

The Boys

The Boys Season 2 Premiere Date & New Poster Released!
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The Boys is a group of vigilantes who works towards the downfall of Vought. Led by Butcher, a brusque man with a thick Londoner accent. Accompanied by Hughie, Starlight’s boyfriend and probably the main protagonist but he’s bland as a character so let’s not delve into him that much. Mother’s Milk, their planner, was diagnosed with OCD, is very family-oriented. Frenchie, sort of the usual softie hitman, but French. And Kimiko, an emotionally-sensitive enhanced individual who can snap your arm in a second (lovingly).

It is a fun show that uses satire to make fun of the supposedly most powerful people in their universe. Funny, but very political, also violent, and partly triggering. Watch it with caution. Enjoy!

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