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Justin Bangsil is our Favorite Island Boy Influencer

Justin Bangsil is our Favorite Island Boy Influencer

Based in La Union, Justin Bangsil promotes various brands –mostly clothing –for PR, as well as content creation for his page. His photos provide a new aesthetic to the influencer scene.

Photo Credits: Instagram

There’s Something About Justin

Justin is one of the many content creators that made Instagram their main medium to produce their PR content. With just a few curated pictures, he is able to catch the attention of followers to tap into the brands that he wears. Surely, the brands are already dashing all on their own, but pair that with Justin Bangsil’s great looks and island backdrops, it will definitely cause traffic.

Justin Bangsil is as Cool as the Sea

Another thing that’s drawing us to Justin Bangsil is his impeccable style. A mastery of streetwear and grunge, his statement tees speak so much more beyond the words. However, more towards his personality online. Certainly, it brings out a sense of youthfulness that is not particularly seen in influencers these days. As the usual things we see are these smart formal styles. It is just that Justin Bangsil has an undiminishable flair to the style he has. Furthermore, the way he presents his content sets the brands as a part of his lifestyle. Thus he not only sells the products he works with. Specifically, Justin is selling a lifestyle that people dream about knowing how coveted the island aesthetic is.

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Bring on the Heat, Justin

Photo Credits: Instagram

Yes, another influencer, but you can’t deny their capability to convince. As much as they seem trivial to some. Making a profit out of just themselves, personalities like Justin Bangsil are indeed powerful creatives. As they show themselves to the world. We know that it is a melting pot of all types of fantastic people. Content creators like Justin Bangsil are able to set themselves apart from the crowd. With just a little camera, couple of photos, and a whole lot of attitude.

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