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What we know about the “Spider-Man: Across the Spider-verse” so far

What we know about the “Spider-Man: Across the Spider-verse” so far

The highly anticipated Spider-verse sequel titled Spider-Man: Across the Spider-verse is heading to theatres on June 2, next year. That’s still plenty of time but the creators already tease its fans on what to expect.

Across the Spider-verse was set up for the premiere in October 2022 but recently announced that it will be moved next year. This has disappointed some excited fans but the creators promised that it will be worth the wait. Spider-Man: Beyond the Spider-verse on the other hand will be released in March 2024.

Mile Morales voiced by Shameik Moore, Peter B. Parker voiced by Jake Johnson and Gwen Stacy voiced by Hailee Steinfeld will return in the sequel. It is not yet revealed if the other Spider-men from the original film will return.

Sony’s Spider-verse is not connected to other live adaptations of Spider-Man movies in Sony or the Marvel Cinematic Universe. But with the multi-verse theme, it can be made possible.

Across the Spider-verse Summary

Across the Spider-verse is a two-part sequel following the events of the Oscar-winning Spider-Man: Into the Spider-verse. As the title says, they will travel across the multiverse and team up with new Spider-man variants to face a villain more powerful than they encountered.

Official Teasers

By the end of Into the Spider-verse, there’s a short scene of Miguel O’Hara or Spider-Man 2099 voiced by Oscar Isaac who’s hinted to be included in the sequel. Sony Pictures verified this on their first look trailer. This will be Isaac’s 3rd portrayal of a Marvel Character. He played the role of Apocalypse in X-Men and Moon Knight.

Sony Pictures Animation posted a photo of the upcoming villain of the sequel, The Spot. He will be voiced by Jason Schwartzman. It’s not yet verified if he will be the main villain since in the comics he’s not a big threat. Main Spider-verse characters are animated in different styles and The Spot is designed to be unfinished sketches by the creators. Like what’s shown in the photo, The Spot has portals in his body that he can control. That’s why when Miles kicked him, Gwen received it.

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Issa Rae will take the role of Jessica Drew or Spider-Woman. She’s often portrayed as a crime-fighting pregnant woman from the comics so it might be included in the film.

Supaidaman or the Japanese Spider-Man is also confirmed to be in the sequel.

Spider-Man villain The Vulture will be voiced by  Jorma Taccone and will also join the sequel.

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