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This Is It, Titas: Super Junior Is Coming Back In August for SS9 In Manila

This Is It, Titas: Super Junior Is Coming Back In August for SS9 In Manila

Just when I thought I’d mistakenly rattled the whole population of PH ELF before, it turned out to be true. And when I said “Super Junior might return to Manila earlier than we expected”, I didn’t mean this early!

Gear yourselves up, Titos and Titas of Manila, Super Junior is coming back in August for #SS9Manila!

The unexpected announcement

Pulp Live World took to all of their social media accounts last June 30, 2022, to drop a huge announcement—Super Junior is returning to Manila for their Super Show 9 concert in August!

Although the Manila stop of their 9th World Tour is already expected, the sudden announcement still shocked the whole population of PH ELF! The date of the announcement might be connected to Ms. Happee Sy, the Inang Reyna of all K-POP stans in the Philippines, and also an ELF, as June 30 was her birthday. Ms. Sy is a concert producer under Pulp Live World, the biggest and one of the most diverse live events companies in the Philippines. As shocking as it may be, the date of the announcement eventually made sense for all PH ELF.

Ticketing Date and Ticket Prices

Are you prepared for your next camping sessions outside SM malls, Titos, and Titas? Well, you should get ready with your survival kits as the tickets for Super Show 9 in Manila will be available for purchase starting July 17, 2022! For the younger ELF, this might be devastating as they might not be done yet with their iponings. However, for the adult ELF, the money might not be the problem, but the time to camp may be. Luckily, there’s also an online sale through SM Tickets online, so no need to worry, Titos and Titas!

The prices? To be fair, Super Show 9’s ticket prices are a little cheaper than the first Super Shows in Manila, except that the Upper Box is slightly more expensive and there are no longer Generic Admissions. The price range of the tickets would be PHP 3,500.00 to PHP 12,000.00. After taxes, the ticket price may seem a little expensive for some, but here’s what I’ll say—it is more than worth it. Seeing Super Junior dance, sing, and talk onstage will make the few thousand you spent go unnoticed. Indeed, that’s the power of the Kings—and it hasn’t changed in 17 years!

ELF’s Preparation

Super Junior’s fandom, the ELF, has been going around busily since the announcement. Most of them are already creating their Group Chats for the ticketing lines and concert lines. Others are gathering companions for a rented vehicle, especially those who are in the provinces. That was to make sure that they won’t be stressed in commuting. Some are already gearing up on merchandise that are needed for the concert. Mind you, Super Junior’s lightstick is selling up fast right now! They are also already preparing shirts, hats, official merchandise like albums, and others. Truly, ELF are excited to once again see Super Junior live onstage after 3 long years!

Photo taken from Super Junior’s official Twitter account, @sjofficial

It’s like Super Junior really said “Don’t Wait”

Super Junior have just released their Pre-release music video for their 11th album, “Keep on Going” last June 29. And the title of their Pre-release song is, yes, you guessed it right, “Don’t Wait”. Is this some sort of warning, asking us ELF to not wait for so long until their return as they are returning soon? Well, luckily enough for PH ELF, the whole album will be released on July 12, which means we are going to hear their new releases on SS9 in Manila! How did we get so lucky? Indeed, all PH ELF can’t wait for the return of the Kings on the concert stage with a bunch of new songs to perform!

Are you ready for #SS9inManila, PH ELF? Are your iponings ready? Do you have your chosen concert section already? Or are you and your ELF Squad already geared up for the ticket selling? Let us know!

Photo taken from Super Junior’s official Twitter account, @sjofficial
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