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5 Most-Loved Breakfast Meals In The Philippines

5 Most-Loved Breakfast Meals In The Philippines

Filipinos are big fans of breakfast. There is no getting around the truth that the majority of us cannot function properly in the morning without first having breakfast. It is mainly due to the fact that it is the source of the energy that we have first thing in the morning.

Breakfast in the Philippines can take many forms, and there is a wide range of delicious foods available for us to choose from each day. Some of us are content with simply the world-famous pandesal, while others require rice as an accompaniment. Let’s tuck in to these mouthwatering dishes that are so popular in the Philippines.

5 Most-Loved Breakfast Meals In The Philippines

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1. Rice porridge (Goto)

Rain is the best time to take Goto. Filipino rice and beef tripe gruel is also called arroz caldo con goto. It is made with ginger and topped with toasted garlic, onions, black pepper, and chicharron. Goto is commonly served with a hard-boiled egg and calamansi, soy sauce, or fish sauce as a condiment. It looks like lugaw for some but, it’s best for breakfast because it helps warm your stomach.

2. Puto

A puto is every Filipino kid’s favorite. It is a type of muffin or cake that is usually made from rice flour. The proper way to cook it is to steam it, depending on what kind of rice flour is going to be used. Puto is perfect with coffee, milk, and any other beverage you have at home as it can spice up your breakfast especially if is is topped with cheese or anise seeds.

3. Silog

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Due to the Filipino love of rice, silog has become one of the country’s most well-known breakfast dishes. Silog is a Filipino morning dish that consists of maybe a hotdog, longganisa, and even tapa served alongside sinangag and egg. If you are not in a rush in the morning, this is one of the best breakfasts you can have. The reason for this is that you should savor every bite of this food because it will satiate your hunger first thing in the morning.

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4. Pandesal

Pandesal is one of the most common dishes for breakfast in the Philippines. It is typically served alongside sunny-side-up eggs or hotdogs, along with a cup of hot chocolate or just plain coffee. The vast majority of people consume pandesal by dipping it in their beverages, such as coffee or chocolate, and this makes the dish taste even better. This breakfast is great for people who are always on the go because it takes up less time to eat.

5. Champorado

One of the children’s top choices for breakfast is champorado. Particularly when we were visiting them in the countryside, our grandparents would get up quite early in the morning to prepare a delicious meal for all of us. One of them is the champorado, which is a sweet porridge that has a flavor that is appealing to children because it tastes like a combination of chocolate and cream.

Currently, how are you doing today? What kind of breakfast food do you most look forward to eating in the morning? If you have it in mind, don’t forget to leave it in the comment section.

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