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VP/Xclusives: Nash August — Conquering the World of Creative Directing

VP/Xclusives: Nash August — Conquering the World of Creative Directing

In this world of ever-changing styles and artistry, the pressure of serving fresh and new concepts is palpable. The creative pool in the industry is at its peak and the growing interest of the public in fashion, beauty, design, and styling is what makes it more motivating for creatives to step up their game.

Fortunately for Village Pipol Magazine, we are graced with the presence of Nash August, serving top-level avant-garde artistry as the newest Creative Director.

Master of the Arts

Nhasrodhen Visitacion Madraza, more known as Nash August, wanted to pursue a career in the arts since he was young. His fascination with all art forms has led him to the professional he is today.

However, before he chose his field of specialization in art, dancing was his first love.

“…before entering the fashion industry, I’m a Dance Artist, Artistic Director and Teacher-Choreographer by profession. Up until now, I still [get] bookings for my dance artistry.”

Aside from dancing, Nash also loves music.

“…people don’t really know that I do love singing. [I’ve] been wanting to play [an] instrument. I love that I learned playing guitar by myself during first quarter of the pandemic.


But it seems like his love for all art cannot be limited to just one aspect. He also delved into acting and theater arts way back in college.

“…most of the time I direct. But whenever I was given a chance to act, then I’ll act wholeheartedly.”

In regard to his stint in acting, he mentioned that he passed an audition for a theatrical play in a Manila-based theater guild but wasn’t able to pursue it because of school.


His love for visual arts is also something that keeps him going. He channels his overflowing creative energy toward this niche in arts. He dabbles on costume and stage designing for events like pageants, drawing and sketching designs for clients, and taking and editing photos. Although not a professional, as he admits, he loves snapping photos.

Entering the fashion industry

How did this art virtuoso get into fashion styling and creative directing? Nash shared an anecdote of his breakthrough.

“I can still remember when me and my brother, James Bryan Moral, together with my team, Diana, Micah and Ga, created a shoot about toxic masculinity and it trended online. Up until someone discovered me. It was Mr. Janno Styles, I owe him so much. He got [me] in into [the] fashion world.”


Because of this, he made a name for himself in the industry. His apparent talent in the arts captured the taste of his fellow creatives.

Nash is now the new Creative Director of Village Pipol Magazine.

This job offer is a testament to how his masterful work throughout the years is above and beyond the bare minimum.

He shared what he felt when he was offered the position.

“Pressure! But more than that, I felt so much kilig and [excitement]. I was smiling the whole time when they offered me that position. The fact that people see your worth, talent and desire as an artist, that is something that I should always be thankful for.”


Now working full-time with a diverse set of people in this new environment, he shared his thoughts and expectations with the VP team.

“Each [one in] the team shows dedication, passion and love for art. Whenever I work with them, I always feel inspired, motivated and uplifted, for I know that everyone is really doing their best to create a master piece. The only thing that [I] expect from the team is that we will be able to be the best versions of ourselves — as a team and [as individuals].”


Of course, as someone who possesses the mind and soul of a true artist, his plan for the magazine is in full swing. His mission to make the Village Pipol be recognized locally and internationally is in the works.

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“My vision is that VPM will always be associated with the term “topmost iconic magazine,” alongside “topmost selling magazine.” My vision is that VPM will be [recognized] for showcasing how Filipino artists, in all forms, can be remarkable in the field of arts.”

Rising to the top

In this industry with ever-changing trends and concepts, Nash will have to go to great lengths to be able to keep his artistry top level. He expressed that art, no matter what, will always offer something new.

“We, as artists, it [is] our social responsibility to go along with all the innovation and constant changes in the field of art. But remember, we should always go back to our foundation, the backbone of the arts. We should always look back, on why and how those people fought for the sake of art.”


As we take a look at all the achievements Nash accomplished thus far, it is an indisputable fact that he will continue to rise to the top of his game. He will definitely change the playing field in this cruel but fantastic industry.

Five years from now, he sees himself as a representative of Filipino creatives, not just for the VP team, not just for his fellow Filipinos, but for the whole world.


“I wanna see myself as someone who represents our country when it comes to creating arts with substance. Nash August will be well-known for creating contents, campaigns, and catalogues where art, fashion, passion and substance collide.”

Nash August is truly a person who treats work and play as one, as he is a master of both, in the aspects of art and fashion. Let us brace ourselves because this jack-of-all-trades artist will surely bring his A-game to the Village Pipol Magazine.

Publisher | Richie de Quina & Gwynn Crisostomo
Editor-in-Chief | John Luke Chica
Senior Editor | Rapha Garcia
PR & Advertising Manager | Josh Austria
Digital Manager | Allen Esteban
Words by Alexandra Olaño

Photographer 1 | Mj Feliciano
Grooming | Steven Dionie Villas
Stylist Associates | Ruzzian Escaros
Studio | Capitol 1083

Studio Photographer 2 | Ray Fernandez
Grooming | Em Abia
Stylist Associates | Julius Corpuz
Studio | Redflare Photography

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