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Get To Know More About the Content Creator Sylvester Sy

Get To Know More About the Content Creator Sylvester Sy

Being a content creator is not for the fainthearted. On top of dealing with creating ideas for content, you also have to map out how to creatively and effectively communicate your story to your audience.

In some way, Sylvester Sy manages to run a lifestyle blog magazine. As a content creator who produces work on a variety of platforms, Sylvester Sy has shown not only his creativity through his works but the attitude of grit. His passion and perseverance have led him to open more doors of opportunity for success.

Sylvester Sy

Sylvester Sy’s Journey as a Content creator

Since then, his ever-present creativity and enthusiasm for writing and photography had been a key to turning his gift into something tangible. Back in 2009 where Sylvester Sy won first place in an amateur photography contest judged by a British photographer; this milestone in his life has led him to push through his passion for photography.

But that’s not all, Sylvester also established his passion for story-telling in numerous publications and advertising. With years of investing in learning and upscaling his skills, it comes as no surprise that Sylvester create his very own lifestyle blog magazine in 2018 known as IconicMNL.

“I’ve worked so hard to establish a strong reputation with the brands and people with whom I’ve previously collaborated, and this has led to this amazing opportunity.”

His creative juices and grit has paved the way to produce quality content that helped him connect to followers across his social media platforms throughout the years.

“And now, as an influencer, I now create content not only for my personal use but for brands and campaigns.”

A passion for photography

His versatility in content creation is top-notch, however, when asked to choose what he enjoys and loves doing the most, it all boils down to when it all started—photography.

“Photography has played an instrumental role in my current success. It’s my primary means of self-expression. It’s as though you’re making your own reality. I really enjoy the rush of capturing a pivotal moment.”

Photography combined with his skills in content creation has served as an outlet to tell his stories.

“A photograph can capture a moment in time and be used to tell many stories. And as a content creator, I can share this story with my followers so that they can relate to and experience it wherever they are.”

In addition, since he is more of a visual person, he mentioned that choosing the right platform is best for building and creating a brand hence, Instagram is the best social media platform for him. He mentioned that Instagram allows him to post content that highlights his photography skills. Aside from that, when it comes to engagement, ease of use, and target market penetration, Instagram reigns supreme.

A passion for Writing

Sylvester has a go-getter attitude, his ability to keep working on something that is tough only to meet his goal is fascinating. He noted that writing is tough. However, his attitude toward learning and his motivation to write more make him different from others.

“Personally, my readers and followers are my main sources of motivation. Being a content creator and an influencer, I feel, entails a commitment to your audience. That is enough to keep me going.”

With this, we are certain that Sylvester is writing with a sense of responsibility and commitment. He also noted that:

“The first thing to remember is that everything we provide will have an impact on our audience. We should never take our content for granted. We must always be culturally conscious and sensitive.”

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That is why he firmly believes that every day is a learning process. Therefore, he is doing his due diligence by watching Youtube and online Tutorials for upscaling his writing skills to create more engaging content.

Personal Obstacles as a Content Creator

There’s always a harsh reality that awaits in order to get to the top. And Sylvester is no exemption from that. Given that there are a lot of content creators in the field, it is easy to lose our own thoughts. This can affect the creativity of someone who is in this field, but Sylvester has a growth mindset and trust the quality of work he gives in the field.

“The thrill of always improving myself and my output stems from the notion that creativity allows us to break new ground, opening up a whole new world of possibilities.”

In addition, he also shared his biggest challenge as a content creator. He explained that coming up with new content every day is difficult. He also added that striking a balance between creating content and enjoying the moment is never easy. Although the work is tough, Sylvester is much tougher. He believes that learning doesn’t stop so instead of focusing on the challenges, he strategized on them.

“My current strategy is to focus on storytelling and keep it organic rather than compelled. And concentrating on sharing the things I enjoy rather than the number of “likes.”

Personal Achievement as a Content Creator

Sylvester started achieving his dream at a young age. For him, it started when he took his first step as a freelance photographer who always put his best foot forward. That is why he reaps all his hard work from doing projects like editorial shoots for top fashion magazines both locally and abroad, a billboard in EDSA, advertisements for a famous clothing brand, shoots for local designers, and photography exhibits with top local photographers, and many more. But above that, he is proud to say that he can be called a credible lifestyle content creator/influencer that works with top brands.

With all his hard work, it was able to lead him to where he is right now. Now he has gained a good number of followers on social media, he never forgets the reason why he creates content is to inspire his audience. Therefore, in this year, 2022 he notes that he wants to work more on improving and strengthening his profile as an influencer as well as to produce more iconic video content for his readers and followers both on Tiktok ad Youtube.

Sylvester Sy is one of the many content creators who creates content with a heart. When asked if he enjoys content creation despite its complexity, he shared that the power of educating, entertaining, and inspiring people is indeed rewarding. This then makes his platform as a messenger to inspire social change that makes his life worth living.

If you want to learn and see more about Sylvester’s work you can go check his Instagram and website.

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