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VP/Spotlight: Myrtle Sarrosa Takes us Down the Rabbit Hole

VP/Spotlight: Myrtle Sarrosa Takes us Down the Rabbit Hole

Myrtle Sarrosa, or Myrtle Gail in the streaming community first entered the show business at just 18. It was the time when she had won the Teen Edition of reality TV show, Pinoy Big Brother.

Now, Myrtle has led a generation of gamers into a new universe where they can earn real assets. Other than that, Myrtle also showed off her impeccable cosplay outfits emulating some of the most iconic characters in gaming and TV.

Myrtle is a Tenacious Force

It is clear that recent years have been difficult for the entertainment industry. Countless jobs have fallen to the casualties of the economic regression brought upon by the pandemic. For Myrtle, the pandemic halted opportunities for her as she was just starting to venture into her new network. Months of plans and projects were held to a stop as the restrictions took place.

 “I moved to GMA Network and 1 week after moving – all the shows that I was supposed to do were suddenly placed into a pause. I remember rehearsing for All out Sunday when all of a sudden everyone was asked to go home cause it was announced to have a lock down.”

Despite all the hindrances, Myrtle Sarrosa proves herself to be a jack of all trades. As she realized that the plans she had would take some more time, Myrtle turned to game for comfort. From there, she took her love for gaming and her passion for entertainment to build a base for opportunities to arrive. Myrtle then started streaming.

According to her, it started with a quaint audience which then exponentially grew to tens of thousands. Now, Myrtle dedicates the countless opportunities she had the chance to grab to her streaming supporters.

“It started with a few hundred to a thousand viewers. Until one day, I was peaking up to 16,000 live viewers watching my streams. It was a little crazy! But it brought me to where I am today. It was then I realized that if opportunities don’t knock, then sometimes you need to build a door.”

Myrtle, Now an NFT Game Streamer and Investor

NFT stands for Non Fungible Tokens. To make it simple it is a type of cryptocurrency that contains unique metadata and identification. With NFT games like Axie Infinity, Gala Games’ Town Star, and Mir4, they combine the concept of NFTs with video games. There, players either compete or farm assets that they can then trade or sell for real cash.

Myrtle grew fascinated by this community after quitting a prior game. It is then that she sparked a new concept for her streams. She started streaming NFT games. With that, she ushered in a bigger following from fellow NFT gamers as well as rookies who want to earn from gaming.

 “I loved the idea of what you would farm in game could be converted into real life assets and from there gave players real ownership of their in-game assets. My passion for gaming expanded with GameFi and I’ve been blessed to have the chance to work and collaborate with amazing people in the NFT Space.”

Now Myrtle Sarrosa has worked with the biggest NFT games in the world. From commercials, hosting, cosplaying, and even investing. Truly, Myrtle is a brilliant personality for creating all these opportunities. Not just for her, but for other people as well. Although Myrtle does agree that the journey of NFT Gaming in the country is unstable, she believes that it will be bright.

As the country holds the biggest number of players in the NFT scene, opportunities will continuously flow for aspiring traders of NFTs. In this modern age, creating gaming scenes that allow users to earn also provides them with opportunities. Opportunities to acquire assets that they can wisely use to kickstart their careers. In the near future, Myrtle believes that gaming will soon be a mainstream avenue to earn and support their players.

The GMA Thanksgiving Gala Journey

GMA, for the first time ever, is hosting a Thanksgiving Gala. We can expect that the biggest stars will shine on this very special night. We can be sure that the likes of Myrtle Sarrosa will undeniably stand out.

With Myrtle’s background in cosplaying she has developed a vibrant style, and this gala is the perfect place to show it off. The theme of the night is Old Hollywood, and Myrtle is ready to show up in not just one but two looks for the night.

Taking inspiration from the video game, Alice Madness Returns, Myrtle collaborated with world-renowned designer Job Dacon. The designer proposed an Alice in Wonderland theme for the first look and blended it with the dark aesthetic of the video game.

“Job suggested that we go with a classic -Alice in Wonderland. This time it’ll be based on the console game Alice Madness Returns. A dark aesthetic game that will definitely bring style and fashion to my look for the ball. “

For her second look, Myrtle Sarrosa chose a quintessentially Old Hollywood character. The iconic Cruella De Vil. Specifically, her 1956 version in the animated series, 101 Dalmatian. The sinister designer is truly a fashion icon, with multiple reiterations created in recent decades. Now, Myrtle and Job have worked together to create a glamourous look that perfectly highlights Myrtle as a fashion icon in her own right.

It Takes a Village to Look as Good as Myrtle

Myrtle Sarrosa and her designer Job Dacon met earlier just this year. When Job designed a costume for Myrtle in partnership with Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.

The two immediately clicked as they shared similar fashion tastes and meticulosity. Combine that with Job Dacon’s repertoire of A-List clients. It was immediately clear to Myrtle that she wants Job to dress her for this year’s Gala.

“We’ve always shared the same vision for unique fashion. I was amazed when I found out that he styles Hollywood Pop Stars, make multiple looks for Queens and makes the dresses of multiple best dressed celebrities. When I received the invite for the ball, I immediately called him up to finally make our collaboration happen.”

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Definitely, it is not just a one-man job. Myrtle expresses gratitude to her whole team for assisting her with her looks. With such extravagant looks, it is no easy feat to achieve excellence in Myrtle Sarrosa’s outfits. Myrtle expresses overflowing gratitude for her decade-long hairstylists, Nelly Seboy, and Carl Dana. Additionally, Myrtle extends her thanks to her stylist and assistant En Fernandez. Truly, Myrtle has worked with some brilliant people and we can see that in her fascinating looks every time.

No Restrictions, Myrtle Sarrosa Dares to be Different

As Myrtle participates in this year’s Gala, she takes on a challenge to express who she genuinely is. After her rollercoaster ride fending for herself amidst the pandemic, Myrtle is about to show us her best self. Her true self.

As she attends without a care about the opinions of other people other than herself, Myrtle will definitely shine. Furthermore, she is also shining a spotlight on the creativity of Filipino cosplay, and design.

Now in this celebration, Myrtle commends life and just simple existence. That even after all the tumultuous events of the past years, all the hindrances, she made it. Along with her peers, they are able to step back onto the light and continue to do what they love. Furthermore, Myrtle Sarrosa is back again to show us her passion for entertaining and her talent in doing so.

I wanted to go to the ball to celebrate. To celebrate life. To celebrate the existence of each other. That despite all the challenges of life— we are still here and we are blessed with a job to entertain and to impact other people around us.

Myrtle is On a New Mission

In the past years, Myrtle Sarrosa has proven herself to be tenacious. Unflinching when faced with a hurdle of challenges in life and career. Despite it all, Myrtle became the face of Call of Duty Mobile, Hearthstone, Apex Legends Mobile, Diablo Immortal, World of Warcraft.

Myrtle made her dreams come true as a cosplayer despite all the challenges she faced. We remember Myrtle back when she was just a teen competing in a TV Show. What once was a young lady cosplaying different characters every elimination day, vibrantly being herself has captured the heart of the nation.

Now she is an unstoppable force in the entertainment industry. Myrtle Sarrosa inspires us to see the opportunities that may not seem present. However, with a little determination and hard work, we can reach for the stars.

 “Recently I’ve been in multiple commercials, been a face of multiple brands and games, got the chance to host really huge events and now I’m checking off my list the dream to be on the cover of a magazine. In the coming months you can expect that I’ll be going to further heights, going to different stages. Wearing more unique costumes and changing the world. That you can expect! “

Publisher | Richie de Quina & Gwynn Crisostomo
Editor-in-Chief | John Luke Chica
Senior Editor | Rapha Garcia
PR & Advertising Manager |  Josh Austria
Digital Manager | Allen Esteban

Words and Creative ConceptZacchary Quiamzon Maigue
Creative Director | Job Dacon
Set Design | Jayroh Laguardia
Photographer | Roj Miguel
Videographer | Pogs Torres Francisco
Assistant Videographer | Justin Rae Laude
Makeup | Paige Seneres
Hair | Nelly Tolentino and Jufel Gomez
Wig | Jufel Gomez
Stylist | En Fernandez
Designers | Job Dacon

Special thanks to Chester Jan Singian, Tea Ni Juan, Papay’s, Fleek, and Sparkle GMA Artist Center

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