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Strong Women Need Armor —Job Dacon’s Breastplates are Pure Artworks

Strong Women Need Armor —Job Dacon’s Breastplates are Pure Artworks

Job Dacon is an uprising designer taking the fashion industry by storm. Indeed, a force to be reckoned with.

Photo Credits: Instagram/@jobdacon

Job Dacon is an Artistic Force

Have you ever seen armor worn so glamorously? Job Dacon designs custom breastplates inspired by fantasy armor and take it to a whole different level of glamor. Aside from his coveted breastplates, he also creates custom print gowns inspired by various things. His design process takes a lot of inspiration, from history, science, and nature. Truly an innovative artist of this time, Job Dacon always surpasses expectations of what, and where fashion is in our country. 

Taking Ideas from Everything

Job Dacon perfectly marries, surrealist visuals with high fashion as he continuously creates one-of-a-kind pieces that take inspiration from the bizarre. Beautifully crafted with such inspiration and heart, the designer always puts out truly fascinating designs. Making every piece significant to the clients’ persona. For instance, marvel at Nadine Lustre’s custom Job Dacon PVC breastplate for her Absolute Madness Online Concert, promo shoot. The Baroque inspiration perfectly highlights Ms. Lustre’s new and elevated vision for her music, and identity as a performer. 

Job Dacon is Pushing Innovation to Greater Heights

One of the notable things the designer should be known for is the ingenious use of various materials, from found objects to recycled plastic. Nadine Lustre wore another creation from the brilliant designer. A custom black gown with a scorpion breastplate. The armor, made with completely recycled materials, drenched in gold leaves made noise all over the internet. The custom ensemble is inspired by Nadine’s zodiac sign as well as various pieces from other labels. 

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An Inspiration

Job Dacon is notably one of the most brilliant designers of this time. He represents the excellence of young designers like him creating beautiful pieces for some of the best names in the industry. His work is an inspiration for artists to find ideas in anything and everything. Furthermore, to see that some of the best executions of designs are the ones that came from the unlikely.

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