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Minty Fresh is the Fashion Queen you have to Follow Now

Minty Fresh is the Fashion Queen you have to Follow Now

Filipino Drag Artist, Minty Fresh combines her show-stopping talent with her creativity to be one of the top drag artists of our time.

Photo Credits: Instagram/@minortiz

Fresh, fresh Minty

Minty Fresh is a Manila-based drag queen who is a frequent performer in the Nectar Nightclub in BGC. She is well-known for her exquisite stage outfits as well as her impeccable makeup skills. Minty Fresh remains to be an in-demand performer invited to various events in the Metro. Furthermore, she was also featured in various media outlets alongside her brand collaborations. A combination of piercing eyes, and high fashion pieces make Minty a fashion-forward queen setting trends in the drag scene all on her own.

Minty is Serving Glamour

Minty Fresh perfectly encapsulates a dark glam aesthetic with her drag persona. She is often seen rocking looks such as a dark smokey eye alongside her steamy outfits. She’ll bring the light to the stage. Not just a picture-perfect girl, but a show-stopping diva packaged into one. You will see Minty clad in various outfits that perfectly encapsulate her endless boundaries in her fashion style. For instance, if not in a sleek bodysuit, she is in an extravagant dress. In fact, you can trust that you won’t see her rocking something simple

Why We’re Fans

Minty is a personal favorite for a lot of drag enthusiasts. Especially, those who are avid fans of fashion. She is a queen that has a strong and distinct identity that is always visible in her fashion looks. A talented queen not just limited to her looks, Minty proves to be an all around performer. Her fashion sense is just one of the many thing we love about her.

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