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Tiktok influencer Jomar Yee is not your typical product endorser

Tiktok influencer Jomar Yee is not your typical product endorser

Promoting and marketing a product to make a sale is unquestionably challenging. You need to be innovative and creative to step up your game in today’s cutthroat industry. And as for that, Jomar Yee literally went above the extra mile to promote and review a product.

Aggressive yet intriguing. That’s how Yee promotes and reviews a product on TikTok, a leading platform for short-form of mobile videos. Originally, Yee is a content creator that produces skits with himself in different characters, mainly portraying a mother and daughter relationship and the common scenarios in every Filipino household. And now, he has content about promoting products and giving product reviews in one of the most distinctive and one-of-a-kind ways. Which, he publishes these contents in his separate account named Dump ni Jomar Yee which has already garnered 1.2 million followers and 12.7 million likes as of this writing.

Without further ado, here are some of Yee’s TikTok videos that hit millions of views and went viral recently for his different way of promoting products that tickles million of viewers.

Proofs that Jomar Yee is not your typical product endorser.

Testing the flexibility of the hanger.



♬ original sound – Dump ni Jomar Yee – Dump ni Jomar Yee
Typically, hangers are fragile and have a brittle quality that can easily be broken. But, the one that Jomar Yee promotes is different because of its flexible nature. And to prove it, he smashed it and bent it repeatedly, yet it still didn’t break.

Trying the durability of the basin.

To assess its durability, Jomar Yee repeatedly smacked the basin against the wall. He also leaps aggressively on top of it. As a result, it becomes distorted for a brief time before returning to its original form. Hence, it still proves its durability, as the basin did not break at all.

Measuring how weather-ready the umbrella is.



♬ original sound – dumpeeyjomar – Dump ni Jomar Yee
In buying an umbrella, we often evaluate its sturdiness for stormy weather. And, Jomar Yee shows off in the video the power of his umbrella. Wherein he frantically waves it in the air, flipping it upside down. Apart from that, he also highlights the material’s properties, such as its thickness and waterproofness.

As a buyer who enjoys adding a product to the basket every payday season, I frequently read and check the reviews before adding the item and checking it out because these reviews allow me to determine the quality and durability of the product or item I wish to buy. And Yee’s method of promoting and reviewing a product is honestly convincing.

So, the next time you want to look for an honest review, you could check Jomar Yee’s dump account.

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