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VP/Spotlight | Argel Saycon: The Prince who Dared to Conquer the World

VP/Spotlight | Argel Saycon: The Prince who Dared to Conquer the World

Fairytales tell us the adventures of dazzling, dashing, and diamond-strong Prince Charming who always arrives on a perfect time. But, never have we heard the untold story of Prince Argel Saycon who dared to conquer the world.

Being a star himself with all the glitz and glamour that surrounds him, the public might mistake Argel for being far and unreachable. But little did they know that this prince was just as close as anybody else to them. He walks on the same ground, goes through the same waters, and lives under the same skies. After all, the world holds the pages where his untold story is written.

On Solid Ground

His fascination for film and television as a child built him into the solid ground he walks on at the moment. The world of entertainment, in nature, is complex but the stones along his way guided him towards his dream. He began in pageantry where he reigned as Mr. Teen International Philippines in 2017. Since then, doors opened for Argel to pursue his passion and do more of his craft. He became the Prodigal Probinsyano of Pinoy Big Brother – Otso Edition, which led him to the bright path he takes today.

Aside from the commendable talent this prince holds, a lot of his supporters look up to his good character, great physique, and natural masculine beauty. Argel embodies the ideals of tall, dark, and handsome. Although taking such praise as a compliment, he remained solid in his perception of charm. 

Good look is subjective at naniniwala akong lahat tayo may kanya-kanyang unique na beauty. Kasi ako, I really don’t subscribe to a specific standard of beauty or external looks.

Argel Saycon on being admired for his physique and complexion

Years have gone and things are no longer different for Argel Saycon, but he assures to be the same prince that people knew. With his dedication to his craft, there is a lot more that awaits him. And while he continues to strive for his goals, Argel places his feet nowhere but rooted on solid ground.

Above the Waters

Argel Saycon has always been linked to masculinity for his aura and figure. On the other hand, showing his vulnerable side is nothing strange for him. The ever-demanding and exhausting cycle of the industry could exhaust even a Herculean prince like Argel. To relieve himself from anxiety, he goes to the beach, relaxes, and appreciates the nature around him.

Ocean calms Argel but the raging waters of life once overwhelmed him and brought him to the deepest. The might of this prince almost drowned when he lost his father, whom he looked up to as a child and hoped to be with as he translated his dreams to reality in the present. Although at his lowest, Argel did not back down and found a way to redeem himself from pain back to the surface.

He came to realize that in times of being underneath the waters of life, faith, and love are his greatest weapons. Argel held onto his family and drew inspiration to continue pursuing life and the beauty there is in his dreams. And so he swam his way and rose back above the waters.

Through the Limitless Skies

Since his career began, Argel continued to welcome opportunities in acting and modeling. All these, he thinks, were because of the values that his parents raised him with: hard work, patience, adaptability, and gratitude. In the present, Argel continues to exhibit these characters as he soars through the limitless skies for his passion towards his craft.

He already appeared in several television series such as Darna in 2022. Currently, he is among the brightest stars in Pira-Pirasong Paraiso. Argel plays the role of a police officer named Brix Tolentino. This role made him go back to a special memory with his grandfather.

Bata pa lang ako, pangarap kong maging action star dahil nga sa lolo ko, na laging nanonood ng local action movies. Pero nung napasok ko na ang mundo ng pag-arte, mas lumawak ang knowledge ko at gusto kong maging versatile actor.

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Argel Saycon on what he envisions for himself as an actor.

This prince bravely challenges himself and aims to portray a variety of roles. Argel wants to go beyond his limitations and learn to improve his craft more as an actor. He sees no limit in the skies to not achieving his goals and realizing the dreams he had ever since he was a child. 

Keeping the passion burning within sets him ready for more. Argel Saycon continues to prove that he is the prince destined to stand on solid ground, rise above the waters, and soar through the limitless skies as he dares to conquer the world.

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