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VP/Spotlight | Hiro and Jericho, dancing through life’s kaleidoscope

VP/Spotlight | Hiro and Jericho, dancing through life’s kaleidoscope

Hiro Shimoji and Jericho del Rosario are two vibrant souls. They danced through life’s kaleidoscope, leaving traces of love and resilience in their wake. Hiro, a painter with a heart that spilled colors onto canvases, reveled in expressing queer identity through art. Meanwhile, Jericho, a poet whose words were a symphony of authenticity, weaved tales of self-discovery in every verse.

Together, they crafted a narrative of LGBTQIA+ existence that resonated deeply with those seeking their reflection in mainstream media. Their stories transcended societal barriers. They created a safe haven where LGBTQIA+ individuals could embrace their identities. A place where they could find solace, and courageously celebrate their beautifully diverse existence. Hiro and Jericho became beacons of hope. They light the path for others to navigate a world where their truth could shine unapologetically.

VP/Spotlight | Hiro and Jericho, dancing through life’s kaleidoscope

stepping into the world of their characters

At the tender age of twelve, Hiro’s heart fluttered with an unyielding passion as he watched the magic unfold on the silver screen. It planted the seed of his future as an actor.

I’ve been meaning to become an actor ever since I was 12 years old. It was just a simple play in school and I thought nobody would care. But, when I performed on stage, I saw how people reacted. It was a room filled with different emotions and it just touched my heart how I could create a huge impact with this kind of craft. 

Driven by a desire to forge connections in the business realm, Jericho tentatively stepped into the world of acting. However, he felt captivated by its electric energy and endless possibilities, forever entwined in its embrace.

Well, for me I came here just to gather some network in the business field. But, I didn’t expect I would go this far and it’s kinda thrilling and exciting

For Hiro, acting was a transformative voyage that breathed life into forgotten emotions. It reminded audiences of their shared humanity, a profound connection that transcended boundaries and embraced the beauty of vulnerability.

I love how acting reminds people of their humanity. Of how it is okay to encounter and portray different situations in life. Acting had been my outlet to release different emotions. And with doing this, I would want people to realize that it is normal to feel these emotions. 

Within the realms of acting, Jericho discovered a boundless realm of transformation. It was through embodying diverse characters that he found solace, empathy, and the remarkable ability to walk in someone else’s shoes.

Transformative experiences. Acting offers the chance to step into someone else’s shoes and experience life from a different perspective. Actors can immerse themselves in the lives and worlds of their characters, gaining insights and empathy for diverse situations and backgrounds. This transformative aspect of acting can be both enlightening and enriching.

In the captivating world of a BL series, Hiro and Jericho found themselves entwined in a tender dance of on-screen romance. Their chemistry sparked, breathing life into their characters’ love story. Amidst giggles and shared secrets, they reveled in the joy of portraying a narrative that resonated with their own hearts.

Hiro: Working with Jericho was fun, it felt like I wasn’t working at all. We both did well with our characters and really just enjoyed each other’s company.

Jericho: Well, it was fun since we both came from the same school and totally exciting.

Venturing into Hiro’s creative realm, he expressed meticulous artistry. Hiro breathed life, meticulously embodying his character’s essence. Through vulnerability and introspection, Hiro unraveled the intricacies of their character. He also continues to weave a tapestry of authenticity that resonated deeply with viewers.

It wasn’t a hard process to become my character because Fifth and I had a lot of things in common. I think that’s one way to embody your character. To find your similar characteristics because the list would just keep going until you realize that you and your character really have a lot of things in common than you could imagine.

Within the labyrinth of Jericho’s creative mind, we were granted a glimpse of his transformative journey. With each script, he delved into the depths of his character, excavating hidden layers and breathing life into their essence. Through dedication and passion, Jericho embraced the vulnerability of his role, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts of viewers.

It wasn’t as hard to process becoming my character. Zeke and I are totally alike since we do the same thing in real life.

portraying lgbtqia+ characters
and giving them a spotlight in the mainstream media

For Hiro, the privilege of portraying LGBTQIA+ characters held profound significance. Their heart swelled with pride, knowing they played a part in giving voice and visibility to a vibrant community. With each performance, Hiro aimed to create a mirror. He aimed to encourage LGBTQIA+ individuals to see their beautifully diverse identities reflected back in the shimmering light of mainstream media. Aside from that, he also aims to foster acceptance, understanding, and love.

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It feels empowering to be able to portray a LGBTQIA+ character especially in this kind of story because we are able to let our audience know that the purest love could exist in different ways from different personalities and there is completely nothing wrong with that.

To Jericho, portraying LGBTQIA+ characters was an honor intertwined with responsibility. It ignited a fire within, fueled by the desire to create authentic representation. As they stepped into those roles, Jericho felt a deep connection, understanding the transformative power of visibility, and the profound impact it had on LGBTQIA+ individuals, allowing them to find solace, validation, and a sense of belonging in the tapestry of mainstream media.

Although I am straight, I have a lot of friends in the LGBTQIA+ community. It feels to give a light and hope that you can be anyone without hesitations.

With hearts brimming with gratitude, Hiro and Jericho sent a resounding message to LGBTQIA+ individuals who applauded their portrayals in the BL series. They humbly acknowledged the power of representation, urging them to embrace their identities, for their stories mattered, their voices deserved to be heard, and their existence painted the world with vibrant hues of love and acceptance.

Hiro: It feels very fulfilling to be able to stand up for those who felt like they were silenced for a long time. To all LGBTQIA+ individuals, thank you so much for existing and for making this world a much brighter place.

Jericho: Just want to extend my gratitude. And, in a world full of judgment, you can be anyone!

Hiro and Jericho, kindred spirits, waltzed through life’s kaleidoscope, their steps harmonizing in perfect rhythm. Together, they embraced the vibrant hues and intricate patterns, fearlessly exploring the spectrum of human experience.

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Senior Editor | Angela Baltan and Rapha Garcia
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Words by Angela Baltan

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Creative Director | Angela Baltan
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Assistant Photographer | Clarisse Caganda
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Assistant Stylist | Ram Arched Bayudan
Studio | Prowess Supremacy Production Inc.

Special Thanks to Oxin Filims, Xion Lim, Jeannine Natanauan, Philip Robles, Ethan Roberto Leyson and Jas Baldoza

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