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VP/Spotlight | Adrianna So, A Golden Spark

VP/Spotlight | Adrianna So, A Golden Spark

Alluring as a sunrise over the horizon, one look at Adrianna So and her sultry eyes will send anyone into a state of bliss. Taken from the sun itself, she is composed of golden sparks – astounding everyone who sees her in action. With flawless skin and personality like no other, she captivates all of us with her radiant looks and heart.

VP/Spotlight | Adrianna So, A Golden Spark

VP/Spotlight | Adrianna So, A Golden Spark

She is undoubtedly no stranger to any of us! Bedazzling as the sunshine that she is, we all know and love her as Pearl in the Gameboys series starring Kokoy de Santos and Elijah Canlas. Through the process of partaking in the role of Pearl in Gameboys, she became the BFF figure we all craved to have in our lives! In fact, we loved how she portrayed Pearl so much; she even got her own show, Pearl Next Door!

In Pearl Next Door, it’s her time to find love and be loved. Lovely as a field of daisies as her persona, Adrianna brings a sense of light and authenticity to every role that she has.

Going beyond being a BFF figure, Adrianna explores a new side of her character in Pearl Next Door:

“People don’t realize this, but being a supportive figure to Cairo and Gavreel says a lot about Pearl. The things that she believes in. How she handles challenges. What she wants in life. It’s all there. I observed and studied all her decisions throughout and told her story.”



Many BL/GL series in the country are increasing in popularity. Gameboys is one of its greatest pioneers.

On the experience of being Pearl and filming during the pandemic, Adrianna shares many fond memories:

“The pandemic radically altered my life. During the first few weeks, personally, I felt like I was in a rut and couldn’t create anything. Until Gameboys happened to me. It completely changed my life. I was able to express and also challenge myself through that platform. [I had] deep connections with the most amazing people. Gameboys and PND literally saved me.”

With the rise of social media, more of our beloved LGBTQ+ community has been given the platforms to be appropriately represented in shows.

Indeed, the proliferation of social media has made it easier to push LGBTQ+ advocacies.

“Social media is accessible to almost everyone. It encourages contact, communication, and awareness. There are now spaces and judgment-free zones where everyone can learn about LGBTQ+ advocacies. I really think it’s a step forward.”



Being the vibrant yet progressive actress that she is, Adrianna underwent a lot of preparations to make sure that she represents her character well. Honored and grateful, she feels happy to be part of the movement that pushes for visibility and equality for the LGBTQ+ community.

“The first step was to be informed. We had a SOGIE discussion with Atty. Claire de Leon of Babaylanes, Inc. so we can educate ourselves with the key terms and concepts. We also did a lot of research on how queer women are represented in the media and worked side by side with a consultant.”

Furthermore, Adrianna bases some of her acting on real-life experiences. After all, Adrianna has her life’s own Pearl – her sister. According to Adrianna, she and her sister have a tight bond. They talk about anything and everything together. For her, her sister is the supportive figure in her life. Upon watching Pearl Next Door, you will be reminded of the experience of crushing, being in love, being seen, being brave, and being loved for who you are.


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Adrianna’s emanating brilliance surely gives color to everyone’s lives – onscreen and in reality.

“I want people to understand that we’re all the same and that they should be brave and go after things that would make them happy.

Watching her shows, we appreciate her versatility and how well she handles her characters – making them into real-life people from the script. While she breathes life into her characters, Adrianna is surely a breath of fresh air for all of us! She exudes a spark that is like no other. It is in this quality that we are sure of her promising career- yet to be basked in its sunrise like the ray of light that she is.



Sparkle brightly and endlessly, Adrianna!

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Words byLlana Cabajar

Photographed by | Stephen Cappucino using #Tamron2875
MUA by  Janell Capuchino
Hair | Mycke Arcano
Styling Team | Ryuji Shiomtsu and Bryan Laroza
Art Direction | Jobo Nacpil
Studio |
Zoomburst Studio

Accessories | Kurobara
All Black set | Proudrace
Jumpsuit | LGeffrey Zordilla

Special thanks to The IdealFirst Company, Perci Intalan, and Tea Ni Juan

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