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Village Pipol’s CvSU Interns: From Internship Intents to Telling More Stories

Village Pipol’s CvSU Interns: From Internship Intents to Telling More Stories

STORYTIME! Our whole journey started with Sassa Gurl‘s TikTok video. Yes, Ivan Royce is scrolling on his TikTok account and then he saw Mima Sassa‘s photoshoot with Village Pipol. Ivan got only a few days to find a media outlet that accepts online interns. He then immediately added VP to the list of possible outlets he can work with. As soon as he sent in his curriculum vitae and sample works, Sir Josh replied.

For Ivan Royce, the Village Pipol experience is for the books

To be honest, I’m not ready to dive into the world of media. Everything for me seems uncertain just like this pandemic. Unfortunately, our batch was not allowed to have our internship on-site. That’s sad, right? But, looking at the brighter side helps us to adjust ourselves to an online setting. We are able to produce articles even if we are at home. 

Being an intern at Village Pipol became a smooth one, huge thanks to Ate Angela and Sir Josh. From the beginning, it’s hard to find media outlets that are accepting online interns. We are so happy and grateful that we got to experience what it’s like to work. Seeing my name beside the article I wrote made me feel *kilig.* 

Writing two to three articles a day for me seems impossible at first. But, moving forward, I was able to write more articles per day. Since Village Pipol is a magazine, I did some interviews with content creators. With that, I learned new things from other people. It gives me a more in-depth point-of-view of someone. 

I can say that my VP experience is for the books. However, it would have been a greater experience if we would be able to experience this on-site. Nonetheless, what matters is you are always willing to learn and be better. 

May Ann: opportunities that the VP gave me will remain forever in my heart

My journey as a Village Pipol Magazine intern was quite a ride. From the first day when Sir Josh emailing me back regarding my application to Ate Angela guiding me throughout the training, I learned so many things and discovered my unexpected strengths and weaknesses in writing. Despite my uncreative writing and errors in doing my tasks, they still put their trust in me. They still let me write and even published it for the audience to read it.

But, of course, they helped me improved and pointed out where I lack. They helped me provide worth-to-read articles and even gave my first experiences. First, I got to write my first article which was published across the magazine’s social media platforms. Second, they guided me on how to interview personalities and other subjects. And, the most unforgettable event in my internship journey was having my first online press conference as a journalist.

Additionally, I also got the chance to ask a question to the biggest names in the OPM. Mr. Ryan Cayabyab, Noel Cabangon and other OPM icons gladly answered it, making me feel like I’m on cloud nine. The opportunities that VP gave me will remain forever in my heart. A simple thank you would be an understatement of how grateful I am for being part of the team even for a while. And we are hoping we will meet the people who made this internship an unforgettable training, not virtually. But, for now, my VP experience ends here, no goodbyes just see you soon.

Maedelyn: Village Pipol magazine taught me to be more independent and professional

Taking steps to the reality of working in the media industry has a lot of lessons to treasure. Using my knowledge when it comes to writing and my skill to meet deadlines is very helpful. Online internship programs might be mixed feelings of sadness and happiness. But, Village Pipol magazine taught me to be more independent and professional.

Hence, it’s never easy at first. As I was so frustrated when it comes to “SEO” and “Readability.” I was caught off guard since it’s my first time writing an article in that manner. However, that frustration led me to create my style when it comes to writing. I know I’m into fashion articles since I’m so eager about trends and clothes.

I’m very grateful to work with my mentors Sir Josh and our Editor-in-Chief Ate Angela. They let me explore different topics and categories. I was able to express my thoughts and feelings. They let me and my co-interns enjoy the on-the-job training even if it’s online. Thank you Village Pipol Magazine for letting me experience having a press conference and virtual events. Indeed, the right mentors and the right company will always lead people to the right path.

Micah Marah: The company helped me a lot in learning and enhancing my skills in article production.

I had a memorable experience in Village Pipol. I thought writing for my entire on-the-job training would be a monotonous one. Yet, Village Pipol Magazine proved beyond doubt that the world of writing is fun.

I had a blast in my interview sessions. As well as my press conference and exclusive media events. Of course, the company helped me a lot in learning and enhancing my skills in article production.

I am sending my deepest gratitude to Sir Josh and Ate Angela for guiding me and my co-interns from the beginning until the very end. I felt sad but I know we were bound to meet someday when fate let our paths cross again. Thank you so much, Village Pipol!

Paulette Annefreid: I get to unleash my thoughts freely

My experience in Village Pipol is both fun and full of learning. I have to be blunt, at first it did stress me out because I can’t easily make my first few articles readable. I thought I’m already okay with writing since my Mom used to mentor me because she was once a magazine writer, too. Moreover, I remembered that I’ve still got a long way to go.

I also remember getting frustrated because I couldn’t think of more topics where I can share a lot. And so, my co-interns helped me generate more possible topics. Then the time came when I don’t have to stress myself out because I got a lot of things in my mind that I want to talk about– through writing.

My mind has always been active in different things. This includes my advocacy about mental health, empowerment, and other sorts of my personal interest. Moreover, Village Pipol Magazine became an excellent avenue for me to talk it out and inform some readers about certain things.

Furthermore, I gained more than just experience, I gained more friendships because of my co-interns (hello, Llana!) and our mentors, Sir Josh and our Editor-in-Chief, Ate Angela. I’m really grateful for this experience because I get to unleash my thoughts freely. Thank you, Village Pipol. You are indeed a blessing to me.



This article is our last article as interns of Village Pipol Magazine. We thank VP for all the new learnings we could use for our future. We are very grateful to them for giving us a chance to experience what’s like working in the media industry. Each of us became equipped with learnings we can use when we step into the real world.

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