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Passion Project: The story behind ‘The Spectrum’ and ‘Project Talidhay’ founded by a teenager

Passion Project: The story behind ‘The Spectrum’ and ‘Project Talidhay’ founded by a teenager

The passion of a teenager from Zamboanga del Sur led him to create The Spectrum and Project Talidhay. Two nonprofit organizations Kristian Rivera founded on his own. Little did we know are the stories behind his passionate heart that serves as a stepping stone to make things better for the next generation.

Passion Project: The story behind The Spectrum and Project Talidhay founded by a teenager

How did a teenager start his nonprofit organizations?

The Spectrum and Project Talidhay organizations started as a passion project. Rivera is a freshman college student from the province of Pagadian City. Aside from that, his experience of being a student journalist pushed him to establish the organization. Also, his awareness and consciousness of the present crisis ignite his desire to serve the country.

“I can genuinely say that these organizations are just a reflection of my passion in terms of public serving.”

Passion Project: The story behind 'The Spectrum' and 'Project Talidhay' founded by a teenager
Kristian Rivera


Kristian Rivera

Behind the successful launch of organizations, it also has its downfalls. According to Kristian, it was never an easy journey for a teenager. Since he’s too young, he doubts that people would support his advocacy. He had been rejected so many times and it was hard for him to progress. There are moments he questioned his worth and ability to operate.

“So, there are moments where I had to question myself if “kaya ba?” “kaya pa ba?””

Yet, this uncertainty and failure he experiences serve as fuel to drive more towards his goals. In the end, this is what made him stronger and motivation to continue.

The Spectrum

The Spectrum serves as the Philippines media news company. Furthermore, it is an online news platform of young journalists volunteers who help to uphold truth and factual news. It was established in the midst of a pandemic where misinformation took over the space world. We see how continuous deliberate of false information causes major effects on society. These include threats, panic, anxiety, and stress which affect mental health. For this reason, The Spectrum was created to be the gatekeepers of information to countrymen. Also, to lessen the gradual impact of the pandemic.

Passion Project: The story behind 'The Spectrum' and 'Project Talidhay' founded by a teenager
The Spectrum | Facebook


Kristian Rivera

Moreover, the 19-year-old founder believes in the power of story-telling. Not only do they publish stories but they provide truth-telling news to the public which every journalist should stand for.

Project Talidhay

Meanwhile, Project Talidhay aims to help the children of Zamboanga del Sur, Pagadian City, especially those who really need assistance and aid from the community. Additionally, they set to establish conformity and safe spaces for those who belong to out-of-school youth, orphanages, and simply lack support.

Passion Project: The story behind 'The Spectrum' and 'Project Talidhay' founded by a teenager
Project Talidhay | Facebook

Kristian also shared that the organization name Talidhay came from the Visayan language which means ‘prolonged laugh.’ His heart for the children and readiness to serve opens the door of opportunity to make the world a better place.

“Growing old, I have realized that small contributions matter and there are no excuses in contributing to make the world a better place… We are aiming to make positive impact here in our province, and we are always looking forward to put smiles to the children.”

Kristian Rivera

This organization swore its duty to be a platform and bridge of hope to people. Also, to continuously extend their hands to those in need and bring inspiration around the country.

Upcoming plans to support

In line with these, they have upcoming plans for Project Talidhay that you should support. In this month of August, volunteers will conduct their first-ever in-site visitation and social welfare activity. It will be held at Lingap Children’s Development Center on Zamboanga del Sur.

They are accepting donations for those who are willing to help. You can reach them on Project Talidhay’s Facebook page. Also, for more informative news and documentaries you can subscribe to their YouTube Channel and The Spectrum’s Facebook and Twitter pages.

Inspirations for the young volunteers

Lastly, Kristian Rivera left an inspirational message for all the aspiring youth volunteers like him.

“Do good. Continue your involvements. I hope that you would appreciate the essence of volunteerism, and that your contributions would help spark change in the community. Remember, that there are a lot of people counting on your advocacy, some would even see you as a symbol of hope towards them. Padayon.”

Continue to live with passion, dream big and inspire others with your story.

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