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Try the guilt-free and healthy snack from Kinoko Chicharron

Try the guilt-free and healthy snack from Kinoko Chicharron

Since the pandemic hit and the government has imposed lockdowns, most of us binged whether it be sugar-laden or a high-fat snack. Not realizing its ill effects, these snacks became our comfort and joy. Not until we have gained so much weight and saw those flabs… Don’t get me wrong. We should celebrate all types of body figures no matter what it is. For as long you feel happy and that you don’t compromise your own health. Then, I’m all for it.



But, what if you can temper all those cravings with a healthy snack? Isn’t that a win-win? Most recently, when I searched for a snack online that can accompany me while working home, I discovered Kinoko Chicharron. A few celebrities such as Barbie Imperial and Andrea Torres posted on their Instagram Stories which piqued my interest. Why wouldn’t I trust them if they have to-die-for bodies, yet they can munch on a Filipino-fave snack, chicharron?


How can this guilt-free snack be different from others?

I browsed through their Instagram account. I felt tempted just by looking at and my craving didn’t stop. To satisfy it, I messaged them and inquired if it was truly healthy. Miguel Antonio Martinez, one of the owners said, “Kinoko means mushroom in Japanese.” So, to answer my question, it’s not made out of the usually deep-fried pork rind. It’s made out of MUSHROOMS, imagine that! We can now enjoy the same chicharron without being guilty about it.

Photo Credit to Kinoko Chicharron

According to him, they decided to come up with this business in the current pandemic where health had become their wealth. People would want something that will not jeopardize their health. People have become more health-conscious. And, they want to cater to something that can address that while spoiling them.

Guilt-free and healthy snack from Kinokochicharron
Photo Credit to Kinoko Chicharron

Why is there a boom in this kind of business?

An increase in the market trend as consumers existed as people look for healthy alternatives to traditional choices. Co-owner Celebrity hairstylist Mark Anthony Rosales, on the other hand, looked for a crisis-proof business.

“As an entrepreneur, I want to remind myself of my resilience on a regular basis. This pandemic made me think about how I can have multiple streams of income since events have stopped so I need to find a way.”

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He also added:

“I thought about an online business that I can reach more customers.  That I can work from virtually anywhere without large overheads. With some basic skills along with a little maintenance,  almost anyone can start a business online and get it up and running in only days. Thinking that I can also share this business with other people by reselling and teaching them how to become an entrepreneur.”

Kinoko Chicharron’s guilt-free snacks come in different flavors

These high-quality, healthy snacks come in three variants: Original, Spicy, and Garlic. Mind you that all ingredients remain locally made. So, stop feeling sad and start comforting ourselves with a good old chicharron with a twist. Forget about being guilty and start munching on this. Remember that there exists a relationship between diet and mental wellness.

Guilt-free and healthy snack from Kinokochicharron
Photo Credit to Kinoko Chicharron

So, if you’ve been avoiding eating chicharron for so long to avoid heart problems. Then, this can change your mind quickly. Remember that food can be empowering. As they say, you are what you eat so it’s time to stay healthy and choose Kinoko Chicharron. To know more about it, you can check out their Instagram and Facebook pages here.

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