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To my OG loml — my mom

To my OG loml — my mom

Hi Mom! You might be in state of shock right now seeing your photo exposed in this article. Well, I know you and your sometimes overreacting face. Lol. However, this will all be about you. What you are about to read are words you deserve but oftenly heard from me. So brace yourself, Ma. Kidding aside. 

Who would’ve thought that I would have a best friend and a mother vibe at the same time from you?

I always remember how some of my friends envy me about you. Words like: “Sana ganyan din si Mama.” “Buti pa si Tita parang mag-bestie lang kayo.” are what I usually receive from them. But little did they know how strict you are as a mother. *laughs* Yes, you are as strict as Miss Minchin yet as sweet as Princess Sarah. But it wasn’t a problem for me at all.

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Growing up, I always value all our moments together. Those KDrama’s we shared tears and laughers together, and even every vacation trip you have at school where I act as a “plus one”. I never tell you how kilig and happy I am whenever you ask me what to wear on your school events even if you keep on nagging me at night.

You know what’s the greatest value I learned from you? Selflessness. You always think of others even if it would cost you a lot of things to sacrifice. I have seen how you selflessly prioritizes us over your important things. Though sometimes I hate you for having that kind of attitude. But as soon as I experienced the same things, it was so overwhelming after all. 

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I know it was from you. This strong personality I have was all from you. Yet I know we are both fragile inside, most especially to people we love the most. I can still remember the first time I cried right infront of you, it was so surreal Mom. Never did I imagine that I’ll be telling you things I keep the most. 

I have seen you struggle and cried several times over things. Know that I’ll be forever with you despite those life rock bottoms. If crying with you would make you feel better, then we’ll cry together. This is a promise I would forever keep. I will never leave you, Ma. 

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I always adore how you love not just me but even Kuya, Anlo, and Not-Not as well. But it wasn’t just us! Thank you for considering my friends like your extended children too. You’ve always made them feel at home whenever they’re with you. I will always cherish our bundle of stories over a beer or cute liquour on the table.

Photo | Kristel Anne Sabater

Thank you for always believing in me. For putting up that standard which sometimes makes me so pressure to life. Nevertheless, it helped me so much, Ma. It help me strive more to be the person I wanted you to see. I hope I’m making you proud. Thus, I’ll make you proud!

I am and will be forever grateful to be your unica hija. Thus, being one entails so much responsibility I am willing to do as I grow. You’re such an awesome Mom. Being raised by you is such a wonderful thing I would foreve look up to.

I love you so much! You deserve all the love and happiness in life. I got you always, my forever loml! We’ll fulfill all our little and big dreams in life. xx

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