Tipid food budget hacks for students

Food is an essential commodity for everyone. Sadly, prices recently went up in the market. Budgeting daily expenses for most means choosing between nutritious vs. affordable meals. This is very true, especially, for students like me living on a limited budget every day.

That is why we always find ourselves settling for street foods or instant food. They ease the hunger for a while, yes. But, you know it is still better to eat a healthy and fulfilling meal. Did you know you can do that with just a budget of at least 200-250 pesos? As students, here are a few ways how you can tipid:

Tipid food budget hacks for students

Walk short distances, and grab free rides when available.

Given the rising inflation, PUV fairs are at an all-time hike. When you are able, walk. First, it cuts your expenses. That PHP 20 or more fair can also buy a decent meal if you’re wise enough. And, sure, grabbing free PUV rides if there are ones available in your area. Riding these also gives you the ease and comfort of rides free of charge.

Avail combo and promo meals

As a lower-middle-class kid, I always try to avail myself of promos, especially in fast-food restaurants. They are cheaper and taste delicious. I usually take advantage of coupons or promos online to lessen food expenses. Aside from coupons, take advantage of promo meals, and unlimited rice options to make you feel more busog.

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Support local

One thing I maximize these days includes buying from local businesses. They are cheaper and yummier. Homemade ulams, desserts, and kinds of pasta just hit different. I often order them because these are fresher and cheaper alternatives to pricier options in the mall. Plus, they offer delivery also at your door for free most of the time!

Level up instant food products

If you’re looking for a sign to cook pancit canton, this is it! Pancit canton, regardless of brand is a staple for most Filipinos. Canton is good but you know what is better? Add some real veggies to it! Plus some tunas, eggs, or leftover chicken for more protein! Trust me, you’ll never have your noodles the same way again.

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