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Times when Na Jaemin of NCT raised Czennies’ standards

Times when Na Jaemin of NCT raised Czennies’ standards

We set our own standards for our ideal person for several reasons. I think a part of it is because we realize we should not settle for less. May it be an idol or a man, NCT Na Jaemin is one of the best who sets standards high. And I’m sure many Czennies, especially Nanadoongies, can relate to this.

Look, you probably think I’m exaggerating, but I swear, I’m not! Maybe this is why parasocial relationships usually exist among K-Pop fanatics. Because the personality and actions of these idols we see on camera are unrealistically seen in reality. Sometimes it becomes a distraction, but most of the time, it becomes our inspiration to seek better.

HE is the standard.

How should I say this? Na Jaemin is… just so perfect by being himself. I cannot determine the exact words to describe how whipped Czennies are for him. And you really can’t blame these fans, especially when Jaemin, himself, is simply showing off his true self. 

Photo | Canva

Here are the things Na Jaemin does that causes Czennies to raise their standards.

When he cares for his members…

Being a K-Pop idol is professional work that requires hectic schedules with limited amounts of rest. But Jaemin always allotted his time to look after his co-members. Being a part of the maknae (youngest) line does not hinder him from showing love, whether towards older or younger. His caring personality is part of his nature, and you wouldn’t hear a word of brag from him. You can literally know these facts coming from the people surrounding him because he is the type who secretly cares.

YouTube | Time Flies, We Fly (Jaemin grills barbeque for members)

When he reminds fans to drink alcohol moderately…

It is a well-known fact that alcohol contains health risks, but for some reason, it is hard to resist. Thus, the best solution for prevention is to drink responsibly. In NCT, Jaemin is one of the members who never forgets to remind Czennies to take care of their health. Recently, he sent tons of messages on LYSN Bubble to remind fans who are fond of drinking alcohol. He may sound playful through his choice of words, but fans definitely feel his concern bubbling up in every paragraph.

Twitter | dyingoverdream

When he is a family-oriented person…

One of the best traits a guy could show is being the best husband material. And once again, Jaemin is undeniably one of them. When asked about the future, he foresees a lovely meal and cooks about five dishes for his own family. Not to mention, he is already saving up for his future and retirement plans in his 20s! It is rare to see that in a youthful guy, where can I find a man like Na Jaemin?!

YouTube | This is about our ‘Future’ (Jaemin wants to cook for his family)

When he values inclusivity…

Since K-Pop boy groups usually have fangirls, male idols couldn’t help but use feminine-gendered terms to describe or interact with. Jaemin used to do that, by calling Czennies, his princesses; but not until he said no more. He explains through fancall that not every fan likes being a princess, and so he wants to consider their feelings. It may not be a big deal to others, but gaining validation from someone you admire truly means a lot. With or without a nickname, Jaemin will always show how much he loves his fans anyway~ 

Twitter | im_ilbanin trans by najaeminpics

When he is passionate about volunteer work…

Jaemin had a heart for charity work since he was a child; it’s even the reason why he got cast! His sincerity to share his blessings is a wonderful memory to cherish. As an ambassador for UNICEF, he is a regular donor in the ‘For Every Child’ campaign. In fact, he has also been recognized countless times for his generosity.

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Photo | UNICEF Vietnam

When he talked about inflation and calculated his fans’ concert expenses…

Funny when he’s stressing out about concert expenses more than his fans, but Jaemin isn’t Jaemin when he isn’t concerned! During their latest tour, THE DREAM SHOW 2, he emphasizes on LYSN Bubble the estimated expenses for attending their concert. It is worrying how inflation keeps on rising that is out of control by the citizens. Despite that, it is truly sweet of Jaemin to even suggest ways on how to save money.

Twitter | jaemncats

When his love language is sending sweet messages…

Mythology has Cupid; while NCT has Jaemin who is full of love. He is Czennies’ special person whom they can count on receiving endless affection and assurance. He constantly showers fans with his sweet messages and green hearts 💚 in between. Who needs a boyfriend when you have Jaemin? Kidding aside, Czennies really deserve their own Na Jaemin in their lives, too.

Weibo | 在划选手

Defining the standard.

Of course, there are many reasons why Na Jaemin fits the standards of Czennies. He is a loving son. a man of consent, a thoughtful bestie, a gentleman, and so much more. People fall for his charms not only because he is a humorous talented artist, but also for his genuine colors.

There is nothing wrong with setting our standards high as long as we are not degrading anyone. Always remember, we deserve better.

How do you define your own standards? Share it with us below!

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