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Say Goodbye to Bringing Extra Cables with the Orashare Handy Series!

Say Goodbye to Bringing Extra Cables with the Orashare Handy Series!

Orashare Handy Series

For those who find it a hassle to carry an extra charging cable, the Orashare Handy Series Powerbank is for you. It functions like a regular power bank but eliminates the need for additional charging connectors!

Say Goodbye to Bringing Extra Cables with the Orashare Handy Series!

If you’re someone like me who also carries a lot in their bag, you must be familiar with the struggle of finding the cable in a tangled mess. Sometimes, bags don’t have compartments, which can make your things messy. And this makes it hard to find your power bank and your connector— pretty hassle, right?

Therefore, the Handy Series Powerbank can streamline your life by eliminating the need to carry an additional connector. This power bank comes with built-in output cables, making it an ideal addition to any cluttered bag.

What’s more? This power bank can charge two devices simultaneously with its built-in Type C and Lightning/iPhone cables. Furthermore, it can also support Micro-USB and other output types which this power bank can charge at the same time, but you’ll need an additional connector for those.

And of course, after a full day of keeping our phones alive, we need to recharge this device. To do this, simply plug the Type C connector included in the box into it to charge it up and you’re good to go.

Upon Receiving

When I received my Orashare power bank, it was enclosed inside a lift-to-open box, which, in turn, nestled inside a sliding outer box. A pretty sleek and secure design, at least for me.

After opening the box, I was greeted by a sleek-looking power bank. It was noticeably smaller than my previous one, measuring 152.9mm in length and 72mm in width. However, at 29.5mm in height and weighing 420g, this was thicker and heavier than my previous device.

The Design

Photo Courtesy of Shopee

As we’ve established, it’s small but thick and heavy. What I particularly liked about this power bank is its wide LED display, which shows the battery status. This makes it easier for me to see if the power bank already needs to be charged.

Furthermore, the power bank features a convenient compartment for its two built-in cables. It’s a neat design touch that prevents the cords from tangling with other items in your bag.

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Speaking of the two built-in cables, they’re short enough for you to charge your phone while holding both the power bank and your phone on top. Additionally, the cords boast high quality and durability.

Photo courtesy of Lazada

Compatibility and Charge Duration

The Orashare Handy Series Powerbank is compatible with almost any device that has a Type C or Lightning charging port. It also supports devices that have a micro-USB port, but you’ll need another connector for this. But overall, this power bank charges my Samsung phone well and can even charge Apple devices.

Moreover, with its 20,000 mAh capacity, it can charge multiple phones for hours. When it comes to phone charging, it offers fast charging without draining the power bank excessively.

Yesterday, while I was out, I charged my phone, which was at 72%. It reached 98% in around 20 minutes, and it only used 6% of the power bank’s capacity.

So, if you’re in search of a new power bank that ticks the boxes of durability, portability, and convenience, look no further than the Orashare Handy Series. You can find it in your favorite online shops. Just a friendly reminder, ensure to purchase directly from the store to ensure quality!
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