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Why women set their standards for men high


Why women set their standards for men high

Nowadays, men ask women why they are so picky in having suitors, that their standards are a bit too much sometimes. I mean, why not? Even men have high standards in choosing who to court, and having this mindset is not bad. Why settle for less when you can have more?

They say that some women of today tend to like Korean men more. Men with white complexion, cherry-like lips, handsome and tall. Yet, not all ladies like mestizo-type men. Some women still prefer men who have tan-colored skin.

However, talking about personalities, women, of course, like well-mannered and educated men, a goal-oriented person, and someone who not only knows the word ‘respect’ but knows how to show it. Don’t we all want that kind of partner? Even men would dream of a girl who has a pretty face and a perfect body. And those are just bonuses. The main goal is about the inner attributes.

As a woman, I also have these high standards towards men. No, I am not that ‘It girl’ you imagine for thinking I have high standards about boys. But, I have reasons why I wanted a man that meets my standard.

Been heartbroken

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The reason that first comes to my mind is a woman being in a relationship where she almost lost herself. A woman loved her partner the most and gave her all but, in the end, he broke her heart. They just wanna protect themselves from getting into that situation again. Entertaining suitors for whom he/she met the requirements is understandable. It’s not all about the looks anymore, but someone who will meet the needs of a woman.

Past Toxic Relationship


Partners nowadays became more too demanding. They have exaggerating do’s and don’ts. Wear this, don’t wear that. Let’s attend here, don’t go there. Even the happiness you found with friends can restricted.

Knows her worth

Reason for having high standards
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Lastly, when a woman realizes her worth, she won’t settle for men with less potential as a good partner. She will wait for the right lover that, thru ups and downs, she can count on. She will trust the process and won’t rush into anything. It is to make sure that in the end, it will be for the best.

These three reasons are just some of why women set high standards for future partners. There is still more on the long list, and whatever the reason they have, no one is allowed to call them too ambitious. Because why not? If a person really loves you, no matter what requirements are needed, they will meet them.

Also, all of these standards are not really for you to meet. Even if only some standards are met, and once you make the woman’s heart flutter, you won.

However, for some who really claimed that one must meet their standards, just go on. As long as it will take you to a better relationship, you can ask for that. Don’t lower your standard to those who don’t deserve your heart.

Keep that bar high! Guard your heart and never ever settle for less, because you can have more and you deserve that.

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