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INSTAGRAM RAID: NCT Yuta Giving Off That ‘Rockstar Vibes’

INSTAGRAM RAID: NCT Yuta Giving Off That ‘Rockstar Vibes’

Yuta looks like he came straight out of anime. Many fans have been in love with his rockstar visuals and fashion style!

Nakamoto Yuta better known as Yuta is a Japanese singer, dancer, and actor. He debuted in 2016 as a member of the K-POP boy group NCT and its sub-unit NCT 127. He is popular with his nicknames Takoyaki Prince, Healing smile, and Osaka Prince. But he also gives off the opposite of these nicknames.

He recently made his acting debut in the Japanese movie HiGH&LOW: THE WORST X (CROSS). He starred as Ryo Suzaki, the strongest man in the delinquent student group Senokado Technical High School. Through this film, he showed action-packed fight scenes and his cool villain side.

Photo Credits: Yuta

Long hair

We say long black hair supremacy! Dressed in red plaid long sleeves, black tank top, black pants, and black shoes. Accessorize with black sunglasses and a silver necklace. Do not forget the lollipop and the way he poses!

Wearing a tie-dye sweater paired with black pants. Since black jeans have been a go-to outfit choice for his fashion style, he mostly wears one. Additionally, his poses never disappoint and of course, the rock hand sign.

Japanese boy

This photo was captured in shooting the music video for NCT 127’s Japanese title track gimme gimme. The group’s wardrobe for this album perfectly matched Yuta. The rockstar aesthetic draws inspiration from rock star, grunge, and hip-hop cultures.


Yuta perfectly suits the concept for NCT 127’s repackaged album Neo Zone The Final Round. From long hair in the previous album, he changed his hair into an undercut. Plus the rockstar aesthetic includes fake tattoos and silver accessories. This was his era!

Even though sometimes, Yuta looks scary and gives off a bad guy vibe, he is a sweet and respectful person. Moreover, many fans concluded that he also supports the LGBTQIA+ community and feminism. We love a man who fights for equal rights!

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