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NCT DREAM THE MOVIE: A Look Into 7Dream Through the Members’ Eyes

NCT DREAM THE MOVIE: A Look Into 7Dream Through the Members’ Eyes

Let’s be real; possessing visuals and talents alone is not enough to form an ideal and long-lasting K-Pop group. But establishing a special connection among the members is another important ingredient to a successful team. Thanks to NCT Dream, I was able to come across a wonderful and genuine bond inside the so-called robotic industry.

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Whenever I hear the group, NCT Dream, the first word that comes to my mind is friendship. For me, they were the epitome of destiny that no one could come in between. Not even the old graduation system could separate them. I used to think soulmates were a myth, but the moment I saw 7Dream, it completely changed my outlook.

On November 30 and December 3, NCTzens got to know the seven members of NCT Dream better through the big screen.

Lee Jeno “the manly softie”

As cool and masculine he may seem outside, Jeno, indeed, has a soft spot inside. He is in charge of being the noisy one, although I believe all of them couldn’t shut their mouths. After watching the movie, I have come to the conclusion that he is a goofy guy as well. I still refuse to believe one of his famous nicknames is jenojam, jeno, and no jam (not fun) combined.

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Zhong Chenle “the carefree tsundere”

I swear he’s one of the realest idols out there I’ve seen after more than a decade of stanning K-Pop! I have never seen someone so eager to simply live a healthy and harmonious life. He tries his best to be the tough guy, when in fact he is also a caring and warm-hearted person. A sweet tsundere who hates affection but won’t hesitate to uplift his members through motivation — Chenle is such an inspiration.

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Na Jaemin “the quirky hardworker”

He is the type who is fond of having fun and creating his own world. But when it comes to his passion as an artist, he does not play around. His co-member, Jisung, believes he is a very special individual who puts effort into himself. Rather than calling him weird, I would like to think he is a one-of-a-kind being. Someone who’s unafraid to stay true to himself, be an ambitious person, and try many things — that is, undoubtedly, Jaemin.

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Park Jisung “the complex treasure”

As the youngest of NCT Dream, Jisung surely has a lot of unresolved questions. May it be involving his personal life, or as a whole universe. He is full of worries sometimes, which makes the members concerned. As Renjun describes, he is like a treasure that is full of sides they haven’t seen yet. And as a fan, I will continuously support Jisung once he shows more of his different angles in the future.

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Huang Renjun “the lovable thinker”

At a young age, I already view him as a mature guy who’s full of wisdom. He speaks up whatever is going on in his mind, and likes to focus and think about himself.  He isn’t scared of criticism, but rather uses that as a lesson to improve and be a better individual. But oftentimes, I just couldn’t help but coo at his natural cuteness. He has that charm that no one could resist; not even his own members.

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Mark Lee “the strong pillar”

“If Mark collapses, Dream will collapse as a whole,” these words of Jaemin struck right into my heart. According to Mark, he is someone who needs to perform for a long time, and I sincerely admire his strength. He is not only 7Dream’s strong leader but also holds responsibilities in other group activities. Because of his passionate attitude, he manages all of them successfully and I believe he deserves good things in life. Mark Lee is close to 7Dream’s home.

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Lee Haechan “the diligent sunshine”

Being 7Dream’s middle child, Haechan balances out the entire group. He is always there for his members, in times of hardship and happiness. Nobody could ever be the perfect puzzle piece, none other than him. His jolly nature is to make his members and everyone smile. Haechan was born to be a star on stage, the natural performer that he is. And I wholeheartedly wish Haechan has his own Lee Donghyuck in life.

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7Dream is youth.

NCT Dream’s performances shown in the movie were about a total of 18 songs. Upbeat, sexy, ballad, acoustic, freestyle — it’s insane how they can shift from one image to another. I realize how they mean a lot to me because they are close to my age, close to my youth. Honestly speaking, it is still unbelievable to imagine how far they’ve finally come through. The film is basically a bundle of mixed emotions that NCTzens were bottling up for years.

During their ment, Jeno feels the reason why 7Dream reunited is because of everyone’s support. But of course, they wouldn’t receive such endless love and encouragement if not for their abilities and solid group chemistry.

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This is just the beginning.

The stage means a lot to 7Dream. This is the place where they can express and make their dreams come true since they were young teens. No amount of anxiety could defeat the members’ powerful teamwork. Renjun thinks they’re seven brothers; Jeno says they’re friends for life; Mark believes they’re bound to the core. While I think 7Dream will last forever, may it be as a group onstage or backstage.

“I hope NCT Dream lasts forever. That’s my dream.”

– Na Jaemin, In a Dream (2022)

They are irreplaceable. For as long as they are together, they are able to complete each other. I am confident that Jaemin’s dream will surely become a reality because they are, none other than, NCT Dream.

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