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Three important lessons we learn from PLDT Home’s new heartwarming video

Three important lessons we learn from PLDT Home’s new heartwarming video

Can you imagine going somewhere far today without any internet? Would you stay at a place that doesn’t have wi-fi? Many people might scoff at the idea of staying offline for as long as a weekend, but there are connections you might miss out on if you don’t live in the moment. This is the story that unfolds in PLDT Home’s new digital short, about a young boy who goes with his family to the province to visit his grandparents for the weekend—without any wi-fi. The boy and his family eventually learn to make stronger connections during and even after the trip. Here are three important things we learn from the touching video.

 Nothing is more important than relationship within the family.

The boy initially seems hesitant to go on a trip and to a place where there is no wifi. It’s typical of what we see among children nowadays — hooked on and engrossed in their gadgets. As it turned out, the young boy had the time of his life bonding with his grandparents. They were able to reconnect and share moments that would strengthen their relationship as a family. And in this age of technology, it’s a good reminder for us to cherish every opportunity to spend time with the people who matter the most—our family.

Personal or “offline” bonding matters a LOT

Our main characters learn this as they spend the weekend at their grandparents’ house—the boy gets to discover the wonderful night sky he doesn’t see in the city, and his ate experiences the most beautiful display of fireflies she’s ever seen. Offline activities – the things that take you some time off your gadgets – can bring surprises and enjoyable experiences too!

Digital connections can help bridge the distance

Fortunately, as we witness, the young family in the video manages to find a way to bridge the distance between them and the grandparents.


The boy’s mother gifts her parents PLDT Home WiFi Prepaid, which allowed all of them to enhance their bonding and strengthen their connections. Of course, this newfound connection stays strong after they come home from the trip, as the boy is now able to converse with his grandparents anytime via video call.

One of the best things about modern technology, especially the internet, is how it connects people despite the distance. Thanks to innovations like instant messaging, video calls, and other apps, loved ones who may be miles away feel like they’re right in front of you—and when you’re with them, technology unlocks whole new connections that enrich your relationship.

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