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This Cafe in the South shares how they thrive and cope amid pandemic

This Cafe in the South shares how they thrive and cope amid pandemic

It was during his Business Ventures class in college that Narix Dela Torre first developed his dream to start his own business one day. Now, he can safely say that he is fulfilling it as he juggles responsibilities being a Business Development Manager by day and his duty as the owner of a newly-opened Cafe located at Piazza De Venezia in the South.
“The concept behind all of this starts from where I crave the most — coffee.”

De Venezia Cafe

De Venezia Cafe has been in operations since February and has since opened its doors to customers who share the same cravings and love for great food and company. Friends and families were welcomed to hang out and chill with their delightful selection of meals and drinks.
The awesome experience they offer was however shortlived as the COVID-19 pandemic struck many industries the following month, most especially restaurants. In order to cope, they had to undergo adjustments and go beyond their ways as a thriving business to be able to still cater to the needs of their customers.
Narix knows for himself that their food and beverages in their own ways give him a pick-me-up in this challenging time and he deems it just right to share the same feeling with others.

Uplifting spirits one sip, bite at a time

“Personally, the food products helped me to soothe my negative emotions, such as stress, loneliness, and anxiety, and through them, I want others to be able to experience positivity in spite of what is happening.”
The café not just promises tasty dishes and refreshing drinks with every purchase but a whole lot more. It reflects the diversity of our culture and is made the way customers want it. Satisfying bellies and hearts as well
“As we grow, we tend to forget to enjoy life and its meaning. What we aim in De Venezia is giving quality food to make it memorable: giving back a piece of what we tend to forget — life and what makes it special.”

Goes beyond coping and making a profit

The goal of their continued service amid the pandemic goes beyond coping and making a profit.
He says that their main purpose is to uplift their customers, “It is when you feel down every now and then, when you feel nervous on your first interview, or when it is pouring — you know that De Venezia will be there to uplift you.”
Currently, Las Piñas along with other cities in the Metro, are placed in general community quarantine. This means that yes (good news!), De Venezia Café is here to accommodate dine-in guests, take-out, and delivery on the daily.

via @deveneziacafe on Instagram

From Starters to Main Dish to Handcrafted Beverages, their menu’s curated with quality and the finest ingredients together with affordability.
You may check them out on Instagram and Facebook to see their hours of operation and a full list of delicious offerings!
In full compliance with the implemented safety and health protocols, they vow to prioritize the well-being of employees and customers coming in and out of their place. There might be challenges along the way, but rest assured they are prepared.
“As a thriving business, it has been difficult to adapt in the “new normal”, but we are ensuring the safety of our employees and customers with regular sanitation of our Cafe. We might be a small team but we are doing our best to cater to all the needs of our customers and still exceed expectations.”


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