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Looking for a low-carb and guilt-free pizza? Fit Food Manila can give that to you!

Looking for a low-carb and guilt-free pizza? Fit Food Manila can give that to you!


Staying in shape during a pandemic is surely a challenge. What you have strived so hard to burn while working out is now all gone. After five months of lockdown, most of us have gone out of shape. When we are at home, most of us are just Netflix bingeing and our workout routine has been thrown out of the window. We have put in a lot of effort shedding those unwanted fats to have those washboard abs and now all we can see is a fat belly.

Having realized that I can’t fit it to my favorite pants anymore made me look for ways to trim down again. I have started to work out at home, big thanks to workout Youtube videos. Achieving my desired physique requires discipline in what I intake, especially what I eat. I’ve started to look for food outlets on IG that cater to healthy stuff that’s when I came across Fit Food Manila. What’s great about them is that they have meal plans to help you reach your fitness goals. What they can offer are ready-to-eat and frozen healthy options. They can deliver healthy food options at your doorsteps, so no need to worry about long hours of researching on what to prepare.

Low-carb and guilt-free pizza

I’m a pizza person, I love it when it’s so rich, sweet, and flavorful. If there’s a lot of cheese and it’s all it then I’m good. Good thing, Fit Foot Manila offers a low-carb and guilt-free pizza. I ordered it and I was completely satisfied, cravings solved. [I] was so thrilled when I found out that they can also provide a meal plan for you — some are even vegan and for Keto diet. I opted for a high protein and high fiber meals though and tried it as well. As of now, I was so happy with the results.

Cauliflower Crust Pizza


CauliflowerCrust Pizza chicken pesto


For the past few months, what I’ve eaten and prepared are foods that are high in fat, salt, and sugar. Most are even processed which makes it literally unhealthy. I’m glad that I was able to see Fit Food Manila, I can easily get back to my desired shape from now. Should you want to get fit easily again, check their IG account @FitFoodManila. Let’s all get back to loving ourselves once more by choosing what is healthy and what’s best for our bodies. Remember that it is a temple, so it’s our responsibility to take care of it.


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