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Things about manipulation that you should be careful of

Things about manipulation that you should be careful of


Manipulation is an act of controlling someone in a skillful manner. It attacks the emotional and mental sides of a person to get what they want. Moreover, it seeks to create an imbalance of power to gain control over the victim.

Furthermore, this act could be harmful to the victim. Anyone can be prone to manipulation as this can occur in all kinds of relationships.

Most manipulations can take form in using the emotions of their victim so they feel irrational about their feelings. Manipulators trick their victims using their emotions to give in to their requests. These tricks include guilt, complaining, comparing, lying, denying, innocence, blame, and mind games.

Manipulations can also have a sweet face.

In order for a person to be vulnerable to you, they need someone who they can trust before they tell you their soft spots. Most of the time, acts of manipulations won’t be visible because the manipulator will get their victim’s weakness and insecurities and use it against them in the latter part.

This is why you should be careful when it comes to trusting people because they might turn out to be manipulators in the end, trying to tame your emotions. Manipulators use your deepest insecurities and hurtful pasts to trick you to do what they want. In your side, because of the use of the past, you might reminisce all the traumas and painful memories you have. That’s exactly what they want.

When you get manipulated, it messes up your mental health because their tactics might trigger you.

Build your walls up high so the rightful people can climb on them to be deserving of your trust. There are things that you can check for you to spot which ones are manipulating you:

  1. Lame Humor – this is the tactic used by manipulators, using your insecurities to make fun of. Their goal is for you to feel bad about yourself in order for them to gain psychological superiority.
  2. Gaslighting – this is an act of making you question your own self and your emotions. As soon as you confront the manipulator about their abuses, they will turn the tables belittling your reactions and telling you that you’re just overreacting, and etc.
  3. Constant Picking – this is an act of a manipulator where they continuously judge, ridicule, and dismiss you and your emotions. Remember that healthy connections openly communicate. You may feel like you’re doing wrong every time, as if you’re walking on eggshells, but they won’t offer solutions.
  4. Exaggeration – if you hear someone say ‘no one will ever love me because I’m not enough‘ and all sorts, run. That’s another sign of manipulation where they will intend to make you feel guilty so that you can turn to them and tell them that it’s not true. By the time that you became empathic with them, you are somehow giving them the power to control you.

These are some of the subtle signs that someone might be a manipulator. To wrap things up, they get to hold your insecurities and emotions for them to gain control over you. However, you have the power to discard those kinds of people as soon as you spot the subtle signs.

Care for your mental health by becoming aware.

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Distance yourselves from manipulators because most of the time, they target empaths. They became the manipulator‘s targets because of their ability to feel emotions deeply, from which can be used to manipulate.

Be wary of who you trust. Never let someone take control of you. Also, never let anyone mess up your mental health. You are more powerful than you think you are. Furthermore, there’s nothing wrong with being an empath, but make sure to know better by discarding the manipulators as early as possible.

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